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65in Thin Wooden Frame Tv Mirror Over Mantel Nyc Home

What Is a Mirror TV and How Does a Mirror TV Work?

A Mirror TV is simply the best way to hide your TV. Now your television can be a stunning frame with a beautiful mirror instead of a black rectangle on your wall. Accordingly, what used to be an interior designers gasp is now a perfect design solution. At Reflectel Mirror TV, we are best known for our expansive collection of frames and water white mirror glass. Additionally, we help you every step of the way to create the perfect solution to enhance your interior design. In other words, your TV is now a Mirror When Off and a TV When On! Your home can be a peaceful sanctuary when the technology is hidden.


television mirror turned on with thin white wooden frame over fireplace


What is a Mirror TV?


Want a television in your Living Room but hate the idea of black plastic on the wall? Now you can have a television and an interior design showpiece all in one! That is what a Mirror TV is! You ask How? It is easy with Reflectel. Here’s how it works: First, find a frame in our collection that you love then decide the orientation. Basically, this can be Landscape, Square, Portrait, Plus Series, or an amazing contour in Circle, Ellipse or whatever you can image. Second let Reflectel guide you on the technology. Any TV works: What’s your Favorite, Samsung, LG, Sony? We even frame Samsung The Frame.


77" large tv mirror before and after makeover


Imagine your fireplace mantel with a black rectangle compared to a framed mirror! No comparison. Did you know that Reflectel has been in the framing industry for over 35 years with sister company GK Framing? GK Framing established in 1986 has been the forerunner in framing design for private collectors, museums, and advisors across the country. Reflectel has an outstanding selection of frames including Gilded Carved, Gilded Shaped, Leather, Metal, Modern Wood, Specialty Wood, and our newest Artisanal Collection featuring Alison Eden mosaics. See our Collection: Signature, Leather, Metal, Gilded, Wood.


How does a Mirror TV work? 


  • You can have a television in any room and you don’t have to see it!
  • When you want a TV you can now discreetly conceal it behind a beautiful framed mirror
  • Reflectel uses the highest optical quality beam splitter glass which is safely placed over your TV
  • A custom designed frame is fabricated around the Mirror that is over your TV.
  • It works exactly like a regular TV—use your remote to turn on and turn off!
  • The amazing part is when the TV is off, it is also a decorative mirror that adds beauty to a room, bounces light around and adds a gorgeous frame into the interior design



Beauty & Technology in Every Room

The duel function of a Mirror TV lets you put televisions in places you might not other have done so because of the black plastic appearance. Now any TV can be concealed with a beautiful frame by Reflectel. Above all, we are experts in the framing department! Reflectel is renowned for the MOST CUSTOM frames made in New York City by expert craftspeople.


TV when ON, Mirror when OFF

All of a sudden, with the click of your remote control your Television can turn back to a mirror that adds beauty to your home by incorporating a gorgeous frame with the décor. Above all, Designers LOVE Reflectel Mirror—just ask any of the hundred of designers including the team at The Baccarat Hotel on 53rd Street NYC.


Custom Framed Mirror TVs Baccarat Hotel Mirror TV in suite


Another key point, TVs Mirror TVs can have speakers or soundbars! Did you know you can have Reflectel imbed your favorite speaker or soundbar like  Sonos Arc or JBL. Beauty and both awesome TV transmission and audio fidelity are yours with your Mirror TV. You can also connect your hidden TV to an existing sound system including surround sound and incredible speakers like Meridian and Steinway Lyndorf 


How Do I Install a Mirror TV?

A Mirror TV installs like any high quality bespoke mirror.


As can be seen, this hot design trend is both beautiful to look at and easy to install. You do not have to use the TV mounts with a Reflectel Mirror TV because we already include a French Cleat. What is a French Cleat? It is made of wood and uses two pieces: Piece one is EMBEDDED in the framing system and the other is the WALL SIDE and included and ready to install on the wall. The French cleat has a 45 degree slope used to hang cabinets or other objects.


65inch mirror tv in nyc luxury home hold peacock frame


Additionally, these easy to use matching edges are the most secure way to support a your technology, glass, and frame. Above all, this awesome system is hidden behind – a discreet and safe way to install any heavy object. It is always best to find a stud in the wall behind your Mirror TV. A level is needed to make sure the cleat on the wall is even. What screws should you use? That depends on your wall for example sheet rock you will use sheet rock screws and stone or other hard material you will use masonry screws. In other words, these are common hardware store finds! The best part is you can slide the the frame to the left or right to make sure it is perfectly centered on the wall – exactly as you want it to be.


  • A French Cleat is leveled on your wall and the framed Reflectel clicks into place
  • Installation can be done by any handy person—AV Integrators, contractors, or Reflectel can install
  • The wall behind the TV Mirror gets a clock outlet which is a regular duplex plug that recess approximately 2″ into your wall and media ports
  • You can also drop the wires and use wire cap covers


How Do I Replace a TV in my Frame?

Televisions, like any appliance, have a lifespan. Because Reflectel works with all the major TV brands your stunning frame and optical quality glass are fully reversable. The current diagonals television makers produce include 48″ ,49″ ,50″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″, 87″, and 100″. If you have the same model it is an easy retrofit with the Reflectel team or your AV Integrator. If you wish to change the size are you have one of our Square, Portrait, Plus Series, or Contours, Reflectel can always add or take away back-paint. All of our work is done in our Tribeca showroom and workshop.


Custom Framed Mirror TVs rounded corner leather


Where can I place a Mirror TV?

Mirror TVs work in every room because they are BOTH a mirror and a TV. Now any room can have a TV because its expertly hidden. The most popular locations are over Mantels in Living Rooms and Bedrooms.


white gilded Custom Framed Mirror TVs square


Custom Framed Mirror TVs copper leather square


Where can I see Reflectel Mirror TVs?

You can see Reflectels in our New York City Flagship in Tribeca and showrooms in NYC and beyond. Find our handcrafted models at Crestron Electronics in New Jersey, Hearth Cabinet in Chelsea NYC and Ornare Southampton and A&D Building in Midtown NYC. Or visit one of our many AV showrooms including Crescendo Design in Southampton, Gilmore South Advice Midtown West NYC, Smarttouch USA in DC, and Electronic Concepts in Rochelle Park NJ.


49" Mirror TV in Ornare NYC showroom turned on


If you live outside of the Tristate area ask your local AV Integrator about Reflectel TV Mirrors.  You can find a AV Dealer by requesting info and we are happy to connect you to a valued dealer we work with.


How Do I Select a Frame?

We offer a wide variety of frames, many of which can be seen on our website. We have even more options in our Tribeca NYC showroom! From the most minimal to the most ornate, the designers at Reflectel can help you find your perfect match. We have two major Frame Series: Bespoke and Signature.


Mirror TV frames leather wood gilded metal



Our Bespoke frames consist of Gilded Carved, Gilded Shaped, Leather, Metal, and Woods. These frames are all hand crafted which allow for customization whether that means changing the size or finish.




Our Signature Series is our Value Engineered option. We have many sub Series including Essential, Flats, Carved, Shaped, Leatherette, Metal and Wood.



What are Orientations and Contours?

Selecting a frame is easy with Reflectel because we are part of GK Framing, frame designers for 35 years. We have frames available that match modern interiors to traditional décor and anything in between. We have a variety of price options including our starting line up of Signature Frames to our Bespoke frames in Gilded, Leather, Metal, Solid Hardwoods, and more. Our design team can help you choose which orientation is best for your TV Mirror: Landscape, Square, Portrait, or our Plus Models.



Reflectel is the ONLY Mirror TV maker in industry offering Landscape — Edge-to-Edge — Mirror TVs. That means NO Mirror Pillow around the screen.


Best TV Mirror with Carved Wood Frame in NYC



Think outside of the box with Reflectel’s Contour TV Mirrors. Circle, Ellipse, Oval, Hexagon, Octagon – Reflectel Mirror TVs are available in any almost contour you can dream of!


white leather circle Custom Framed Mirror TVs

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