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Step-by-step for selecting the right TV for your Decorative Hidden Television:

The Basics:

  • First a foremost the TV must be the right size for the room – Use the TV Size to Distance Calculator from RTings
  • According to RTings bigger and closer is usually the best choice
  • Furthermore according to RTings the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers recommends for a good viewing experience that the sitting distance is when the screen fills up a minimum of 30° of your field of vision
  • Budget is a consideration moreover excellent brightness is a must

TV Screen Sizes – Which one is Right for me?

  • Most importantly is the TV a key feature for you? Sometimes a bigger 75″ TV is needed or sometimes a discreet 43″ is better for you
  • Overall measure the distance from your seating area – like your couch – to the location of where the TV will be installed
  • Naturally the room size matters because you want the TV to feel proportional and not under or overwhelm the space
  • Your goal is an immersive viewing experience
  • This is often a personal experience so we recommend you tape out the area you are installing the TV or visit Reflectel and we can simulated your experience in your home

Determine the Use

  • Determine the use – is the TV going to be used for viewing movies or sports?
  • Basically is the TV going to be used for gaming?
  • Chiefly are you a day time TV watcher or evenings only?
  • Concurrently viewing angles are important – will your viewing be head on or at an angle?
65″ Rounded Corner Contour – Gilded Carved

What Technology do you prefer?

  • Accordingly what technology to you prefer OLED or QLED? Our favorite Review site RTINGS explains it all
  • Particularly Rtings the TV review site surely offers  the best TV reviews.
  • Finally we read, digest and share these in-depth reviews with our clients therefore they can secure the highest rated television models.

Reflectel uses your TV of Choice

  • Moreover in contrast with our competition – we use the TV of your CHOICE for your amazing Magic Mirror: LG, Sony, and Samsung.
  • Reflectel custom frames TV sizes 32″ to the awesome 100″
  • Albeit this may change based on the room size, application and budget. Regardless, our team is always available to discuss and consult further.

Reflectel gives our clients the agency to make their personal technology decisions.


50" signature series mirror tv with gold frame
50″ Landscape – Signature Shaped

How Technology brings Families together

  • Great Rooms or Living Rooms are major tech center because now the TV is covered up and the black box is hidden so TVs are certainly part of the interior design and these rooms now become part time entertainment centers.
    • Movie Nights
    • Travel Photos or Special Milestone Event Slide Shows
    • Streaming and Chill
    • And More
  • Obviously TVs now offers the latest and greatest in Smart TV technology so you can use your TV as your computer monitor.

What is the latest with Content

  • Particularly the world is brought into our homes! 100+ live channels covering top news, sports, entertainment, and learning. Streaming services once avant-garde are now fundamental. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime to name a few bring viewing pleasure at the touch of a button when you want it!
  • You can use a thumb drive with you own photos
  • Your laptop can work with your TV to “mirror” content
  • Unquestionably for additional Smart Home Integration Reflectel can connect your with an AV Integrator in your area.
55″ Landscape Plus – Specialty Wood

What is the magic behind Hidden TVs and How does it enhance your Home?

  • Notwithstanding the newest decorative appliance provides luxury concealment and subsequently hides the ugliness of the monolithic TV black box on your wall. In conclusion your fireplace and mantle or any room in your home can have a television and a beautiful mirror.
  • Mirrors are especially recommended in your living room or great room – why are they important?
    • they reflect light
    • make the room seem larger
    • key decorative element
    • create a more inviting and comfortable experience
    • fun way to make a statement in the room!
  • With a touch of the button your television turns into a mirror and conversely back into a TV. Magic!!!

What about the Sound?

  • Overall the speakers in todays TV are very good – some clients like augments sound
  • Simultaneously Mirror TVs can be paired with Invisible speakers, Bluetooth speakers, or any other integrated Speaker like Magico or Steinway
  • Reflectel can in essence custom build a Sound bar like Sonos Arc into your framed custom creation for a seamless out of sight appearance
  • For the altogether hottest design trend markedly using the latest in Audio and Video visit our Tribeca Showroom
black floater frame framed tv ferrari inspired stitching
65″ Floater TV Frame – Leather with Ferrari-inspired stitching

What is the technology of the Magic Glass?

  • Firstly the dielectric glass is specially coated on one side to be reflective and on the other anti-reflective.
  • This is what allows the light from the television to penetrate through the glass offering your 4K brilliant transmission.
  • When the TV is off the blackness of the screen causes the mirror effect.
Signature Gold Portrait Series for Vanessa Deleone in her Kips Bay Showhouse

Industry Thought Leaders
Innovative Solutions

reflectel mirror tv frame glass frame infographic
    • Reflectel and LG,Sony OLEDS & Samsung QLEDS together fabricate the best quality TVs hidden behind Mirrors
    • Reflectel is an R+D hub specifying the best, most current TV’s, Soundbars, and Infrared Repeaters 
    • Our Technology Department works with our Design Services:  Enjoy multiple Photoshops – Your Home-Our Frames
    • Most popular TV diagonals: 49″, 55″, and 65″ – Any Orientation: Landscape, Square, or Portrait
    • AV pros and Designers count on Reflectel to design and make the most elegant TV concealment solutions
    • Reflectel’s interfaces with all technology brands – Your best results every time!

QLED or OLED? 4K or 8K?

Ask our Experts what’s right for you!

Quick Quotes Anytime – Click Below

Black Plastic vs. Our of Sight Technology hidden by a Frame or a Framed Mirror

48" Regular Black Plastic Television Before Newest TV Technology For Your Mirror TV
Newest TV Technology For Your Mirror TV
48" Custom Painted Wood Mirror Tv After Makeover Turned On Newest TV Technology For Your Mirror TV
65" Beautiful Mirror Tv After Makeover Turned On Surface Mounted With Gilded Shaped Frame
65" Black Regular Television Before Makeover Turned Off
65" Regular Black Plastic Television Before Makeover Turned Off
65" Gilded Shaped Mirror TV After Makeover Turned Off
Gray logos for Samsung LG and Sony television technology

Current TV Sizes:

32″ – 27 1/8 x 15 1/8

43″ – 36 3/4 x 20 1/2

49″ – 42 x 23 1/2

55″ – 47 3/8 x 26 1/2

65″ 56 x 31 3/8

75″ – 64 3/4 x 36 1/4

85″ – 73 3/8 x 41

Variations depend on the Brand

Recommended TVs

Please click your desired TV size below for reviews from an independent review site*

RTings Recommendations are Reflectel’s recommendations

Best 40-43″

Best 48-50″

Best 55″

Best 65″

Best of 70-77″

Best 80″+

* is a helpful guide for our clients. They are an independent review site and they are not associated with Reflectel in any way.

Please contact for further assistance.

Technology Questions? Reflectel Answers!

Reflectel uses the best brands for optimal display quality. Our Samsung, LG, and Sony Mirror-TVs have 4K resolution with full, vibrant color. Unlike other companies, we combine the brightest, thinnest televisions on the market with the most transparent mirror available to deliver uncompromising picture clarity.

4K Ultra High Definition and 8K in OLED produced by LG and Sony. QLED made by Samsung. Reflectel uses all brands successfully. OLED TVs:  based on an electric charge running through hundreds of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes which produce their own light and color individually, and collectively compose the full TV image. QLED TVs: based on Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diodes, which are very small nanocrystals (10,000 times smaller than a human hair) that produce pure monochromatic colors when a light is projected through them. Both technologies images have incredible depth and range, and Reflectel can use either. Both technologies on display at our Tribeca, NYC showroom, Crestron Showroom in the D+D Building, and Hearth Cabinet Show Center in Chelsea NYC. 

Never be out of the loop. Our Mirror-TVs offer immediate access to Internet Browsers, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify and all of your other favorite digital content.

Connect your music, photos, mobile device content, and multiple PCs through your Reflectel Smart TV’s sync technology, allowing you to sync all devices and enjoy content on a cutting edge screen and sound system.

Instead of having a mountain of remotes for every device, you can control all devices connected to the TV through your Smart Phone or one single remote.

Only Reflectel embeds top of line soundbars inside your Mirror TV. Our Landscape Plus, Square, and Portrait orientations allow your décor to remain discreet with extraordinary sound. Reflectel offers BOTH a design-forward solution and technology savvy focus into your Reflectel Mirror-TV frame. For the first time you can immerse yourself in the most beautiful TV concealment solution with unbelievably crisp, superlative audio. The true definition of functional decor!

Our In-House Tech Team helps you specify the right Articulating Arm for your project. Reflectel allows you to combine functionality with quality engineering.  We work with both manual and motorized brackets. You control how you want your Mirror TV’s to perform.

Your TV’s picture quality remains sharp through the use of our Reflectel “View” glass which has the highest transmission rate on the market. It also allows for sharp color contrast that deepens darks to highlight the lighter colors resulting in an unmatched picture quality. Read more on our glass page.

Reflectel not only hides your television in your Mirror TV; we can artfully hide your soundbar as well. What about those wires and cords? All wires and cords are hidden with our recommended clock outlets. Need to drop wires? No problem. We have a solution for every application – just ask!! Your space – design focused -without any distracting tech!

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