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Framed Mirror TV Mounting

How do I Install a TV with a Framed Mirror?

When it comes to installing your Reflectel, there are several Framed Mirror TV mounting systems to consider. With our decades of experience, we are with you every step of the way for a perfect install in your space!

Installation Site For A Mirror TV Showing A French Cleat
White Wood Framed Mirror Tv Over A Black Mantel Fireplace

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French Cleat

Because of our 37 years as high end woodworkers, we uses a wooden French Cleat in many of our installations. Accordingly, this system keeps your framed television mirror snug to the wall. It is a professional system that fine art handlers use for heavy artwork. The Reflectel system has the male portion inside the framing and our installers simply attach the female portion to the wall—the TV fits in perfectly.

French Cleat Mirror Tv Installation System Graphic

Both pieces are cut on our table saw to 45 degrees and securely fastened. As a result, a benefit of a French cleat once anchored into the wall side, holds the framed TV Mirror without having to hold the full weight while securing it. The cleat is also fully hidden and made with a high quality poplar wood and should be screwed into wall studs.

Installing A Mirror Television Leveling A French Cleat
Installation Process For A Tv Mirror With White Glove Service
TV Mirror Installation In Progress White Glove Service With A Gilded Carved Frame
Mirror TV Installation Final Product With A Gilded Carved Frame In A Living Room

Additionally, French Cleats can be the full length of the frame or slightly shorter, to grab as many studs as possible behind it. Another benefit is that we leave the wall portion slightly shorter than the frame, the frame can be shifted left and right slightly after it is hung, for perfect positioning.


Why would I use a French Cleat to Install my Framed Mirror with a TV inside:



Reflectel recommends using a French cleat to install your Mirror TV:


  1. Strength and Stability: The key benefit to a French cleat is that it  distributes weight evenly along the length of the cleat. This  provides very strong support for heavy items like your mirror TV. Safety is paramount.
  2. Simplicity of Install: To install a French cleat you need a level, an electric screwdriver, and a stud finder. These are basic tools for any handyman or a handy homeowner.  Decide the position (we recommend using blue tape on the wall) and then attach the female portion to the wall and the male portion is inside your Reflectel. This technique simplifies the process of mounting and ensures a level installation.
  3. Accessibility or Maintenance: There are no cumbersome components, just the two simple members. With support, the Mirror TV removes easily should you ever want to move it or access the back of the TV. 
  4. Horizontal Adjustments: The final position can be determined once the Mirror TV is on the cleat. You have ease of tolerance in both directions east and west ! 

Articulating Arm

How can you view your hidden television behind a framed mirror in more than one room? At Reflectel we recommend when you want a more flexible Mirror Television/Framed TV installation, to use an articulating arm so you can adjust the position at ease. We work with most articulating arms including Future AutomationCrimson, among others.


See the PS80 Articulating Arm by Future Automation. The specification sheet for this model provides the key information you need to know. If you prefer the Reflectel team can source the correct arm to accommodate for the extra weight of the framed mirror.

Articulating TV Mirror Arm Manufactured By Future Automation


When to use an Articulating Arm


Using an articulating arm to mount your Mirror TV offers several advantages compared to a fixed or standard TV mount. Reflectel recommends having a back box so your mount can be recessed in the wall:

  1. Optimal Viewing Angles: Even the best TVs have optimal viewing angles. With your swivel mount you can easily tilt or swivel the TV. The same can be said to reduce reflections from the windows or lighting.  If you change your viewing position from sitting to laying down this adjustability also helps in reducing neck strain by positioning the TV at eye level.  
  2. Adjustability :  In larger rooms the ability to move the position of the TV may be important. You can view from more than one vantage point. 
  3. TV Accessibility for Maintenance: If your TV needs to be serviced the arm allows easy pull out. Most TVs are easy to maintain through your laptop but this is still an advantage
  4. Versatility: There are many options for Articulating mounts that allow you to decide if you need just a tilt or one that changes position. They are available in manual and automated versions. 
Moving Gif Of 65 Inch Television With Frame On Articulating Arm

If there was another model you had in mind, our production team can assist. We make sure to take into account the articulating arm in our presentations and production drawings to design the best solution.

65 Inch Television Mirror Wood Framed Articulating Arm Installation
65 Inch Television Mirror Wood Framed Articulating Arm Installation
Television Mounted Onto Articulating Arm With Wood Frame And Mirror
Concealment Solution For Magic Mirror 65 Inch Television On Articulating Arm
65 Inch Television With Mirror On Wall And Articulating Arm


Want to view your mirrored tv frame at an angle? No problem! Our production team will assist to show you a before and after in your space. Additionally, our production team will work with you for the most aesthetically pleased result.

Metal Chain Angled Mirror Tv Wooden Frame Over Fireplace
Hand Carved Wooden Frame Corner Detailing

The images above are a beautiful example of an angled install where the client wanted a more rustic aesthetic. We spent time researching the best hardware options and the result is nothing short of amazing. Paired with this intricately carved Specialty Wood frame and brick wall, this Reflectel TV Mirror was the perfect addition to the space.

Best TV Mirror with Carved Wood Frame in NYC

Custom Armature/Floor Install

Additionally, we also offer custom armature services for when you want a graceful floor install. Reflectel’s designers work closely with clients to make sure all the measurements are 100% precise so that it projects from the wall just enough so that the baseboard is not impacted. Each inch of every Reflectel framed hidden TV is carefully designed!

55 Inch Mirror Tv Tall Portrait Style With A Custom White Wooden Frame With Painted Armature Install
Black Painted Custom Armature Install For Tall Mirror Tv In Living Room

When off, it’s a gorgeous ambient floor-length mirror that creates more space and light in your home. On, it’s your favorite 4K/8K television! Watch your favorite movies/shows, the news and more and seamlessly switch to a mirror with the simple click of your remote.

Z Bar

Interested in another Framed Mirror TV Mounting system? We can also use the Z Bar system for your Framed TV or Television Mirror. Some professionals and clients have a preference for a Z Bar installation and our Reflectel production team is on standby to make sure everything is designed accordingly.

z bar installation for mirror tv graphic
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