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Framing Samsung’s The Frame

Find Your Perfect Frame

At Reflectel, Framing Samsung’s The Frame makes a great product even more amazing.


Like all of our amazing bespoke Reflectel Mirror TVs, we are also specialists at creating frames for the Samsung product “The Frame.” We can frame up to and including the 85-Inch Samsung for an amazing result!


At Samsung they say “TV when it’s on, Art when it’s off”. Now you can add to that – Mirror when it’s off. When you want quiet enjoyment in your home you can enjoy Samsung The Frame in “quiet mode” which is a beautiful reflective mirror that bounces light around a room and opens up every interior.

Our decades of experience in the design field position us head and shoulders above the rest to create the most aesthetically pleasing TV concealment solutions for Samsung’s exciting product aptly called The Frame! We can enhance the experience by creating any genre frame from our Signature Series to our Bespoke Series.

supple leather frame for artwork framing samsung's the frame white cognac braid
supple leather frame for artwork framing samsung's the frame white cognac braid
framing samsung's television the frame luxurious leather braided
framing samsung's the frame in custom leather braided detail on wood panel wall

Why Reflectel Tops

Reflectel is known worldwide as the preeminent Mirror TV makers. Our glass product is mathematically more effective with 70% television transmission which beats every other glass product in the marketplace. Because our glass is optical quality and not architectural, it is also water white. That means low iron. As a result, the green tinge is taken out and makes the reflection more beautiful.

samsung the frame over blue couch white wall

Before: Plastic Samsung Frame

framing samsung the frame gilded custom gold blue

After: Custom Gilded Shaped Reflectel Frame - GS26

This is why the design team at the Baccarat Hotel in New York City vetted Reflectel from all the other makers. Further, Reflectel is proudly displayed in the Crestron showroom in NYC’s D&D Building as well as Bloomingdale’s Flagship store on 59th St.

The Samsung product is an exciting hybrid of artwork and television and now with Reflectel it can also be a mirror. It’s the best of every world! See how a custom design Reflectel Mirror TV frame can create incredible design element racing any room where your television lives.

Case Study: 65″ Antique Bronze – SM3

This 65″ television features a frame from our Specialty Metal Series in a luxurious Antique Bronze finish. When on you would have no idea there was a TV hanging on the wall. Even from the sides the television is completely discreet making it an ideal concealment solution.

Samsung the Frame with Antique Bronze Specialty Metal Frame

bronze mirror tv over mantel

65" Landscape Framed TV - SM3

Case Study: Barclays Center

We were chosen to conceal multiple televisions in NYC’s Barclays Center, four of them being Samsung The Frame! The two in the Dining Room were made with our Signature Carved series with a custom painted buildup.

NYC Barclays Center dining room samsung the frame golden ornate frame

75" Landscape Framed TV - SC25-S-O

Distressed Gold Baroque carved details frame

Barclays center framed TV SC25-G-O

And the Salon also got frames from our Signature Carved series. Both are beautiful choices and we are beyond excited that we were chosen to be a part of this project.

4K samsung the frame with elegant gold frame with carvings in Barclays Center Brooklyn NYC no mirror

65" Landscape Framed TV - Barclays Center Salon

Barclays Center elegant best framed samsung the frame tv

Barclays Center Framed TV

Choose Your Frame

From sleek metal or elegant gilded gold, we can work with you to find the perfect frame so your art tv perfectly blends with your decor. We have many options in both our Bespoke and Signature series.

55 inch samsung tv with prefinished Baroque style
55 inch samsung tv with prefinished Baroque style

55" Samsung The Frame in Signature Shaped SC25-G-O

signature leatherette framed tv over grey chair in living room

55" Samsung The Frame in Signature Shaped SL1

framing television samsung prefinished gold frame over chair

55" Samsung The Frame in Signature Shaped SS4-O

Bespoke Series

Whistler style hand carved gilded mirror tv frame white gold

Gilded Carved

yellow gold elegant gilded frame corner with red clay

Gilded Shaped

cognac and black custom leather mirror tv frame with circle detail


Popular Metal Frame: M3 zirconia bronze


Mahogany Frame cherry with wood grain details


TV Mirror Frame side detail buildup Signature Series

Frame Buildups & Closeups

Signature Series

Prefinished frame corner for tv mirror with silver crosshatch details

Elite & Essential

Prefinished mirror tv baroque gold frame


prefinished frame classic gold traditional


Most Popular Mirror TV Frames economical leather like mirror tv frame in black


Signature Metal Series Elite Metal Frame EM8-GRE


Rustic white signature wood prefinished tv mirror frame


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