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Our Mirror TV blogs are chock full of information! TVs are a must have in almost every room in the home – which is your favorite? Sony, Samsung, LG? Our #1 most popular location is Over the Fireplace Mantel in Great Rooms, Living Rooms, and Bedrooms! For high function and info on command, Reflectels are essential in Kitchens, Bathroom, Gyms, and Spas.


We work closely with our clients to make sure each product is one of a kind and works seamlessly with their design scheme. Our decades of framing experience puts us head and shoulders above the rest. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and our unflagging commitment to excellence. Our offerings are culled from decades of research, combing the world for the highest caliber craftspeople to join our team in offering you the exception in Mirror TVs. We are there with you from the initial design process, to production, and final installation.


Our glass technology is head and shoulders above the rest—see for yourself! Only Reflectel offers Dielectric 70% TV transmission glass and our highly reflective Spa glass. Our research team read and reread reviews to make sure you have the best TV and soundbars for your Reflectel. No more black plastic on your wall.

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