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Reflectel has a rich history in artful frame design from sister company, GK Framing. GK established in 1984, is the renowned fine art framing company in NYC. GK/Reflectel are master frame makers with decades of experience! You can see why Reflectel makes the finest mirror tv frames. See below our SERIES. The Bespoke Group which are all hand-made and hand-finished include: Gilded, Metal, Wood, and Leather. Our Pre-Finished Group includes are proprietary, luxury budget Signature Series.


Every home has a unique character and deserves the perfect frame. Why settle for a cookie cutter frame when your interior was designed with your personal taste in mind? Frames are brilliant additions to any interior. In conclusion our collection is unmatched.


77" Black Plastic Regular Television Turned Off Before Makeover
77" Gilded Shaped Mirror TV After Makeover Turned Off
77" Gilded Shaped Mirror TV After Makeover Turned On
55" Landscape Metal Mirror TV After Makeover Turned On
55" Regular Black Plastic Television Before Makeover Turned Off
55" Regular Television Before Makeover Turned Off
55" Specialty Wood Mirror TV After Makeover Turned On


Firstly, we present our Gilded Series that are frames both Shaped and Carved. Gilded Shaped frames are more contemporary and streamlined. Secondly, our Gilded Carved frames are more detailed with Period carvings. In other words, we know our frame history!! Additionally, our collection includes: Italian 17th and 18th century models, French Louis 13, 14,15 & 16 examples, Spanish 18th and Dutch 17th century genres. Moving West to the Americas our frames represent Federal Styles, 19th Century and 20th Century Arts and Crafts, Modernist, and Folk Art styles.


Reflectel fabricates the best Contemporary Frames. The exquisite Reflectel frame finishes are above all, the tops in the industry. All frames are designed by Reflectel, in our Tribeca showrooms, therefore you can see firsthand our workmanship. Frames are produced both locally and by internationally acclaimed artisans. Therefore we bring the Reflectel client the very best frame-making. In other words, Reflectel is the paramount TV Mirror available.


Metal frames are produced in Stainless Steel, Architectural Bronze & Copper, and Steel.  Leather frames are hand-wrapped.  Please ask to see our swatches. Our swatches offer readily available hides. In addition, we offer COM, including hides from Edelman Leather. Modern and Traditional Woods offer almost unlimited wood species. These wood species include maple, oak, ash, quarter-sawn oak, walnut, cherry, and mahogany. The wood series are sustainably sourced. Lastly, Gilded Series frames are available in 21st Century design. Plus we span the decades starting about the Turn of the Century!


In conclusion, your Mirror TV will add beauty to your interior decor.  For instance, it will help bounce light around your home. Lastly, only Reflectel provides WaterWhite, Optical quality Mirror TV glass for the best TV viewing experience.


Rounding our our collections is our Signature Series. Reflectel is the only maker using economic pre-finished frames hand joined to perfection with custom-like build ups to cover the side of your TV, with a choice of a curated selection of lip and tail fillets to personalize your Reflectel.

Frame Samples Policy

Signature series samples and chips available. Sample Chips are $35.00 each and Corner Samples are $45.00 each.


For our Bespoke Series please contact with the subject: Bespoke Corner Sample Request. Bespoke includes Gilded, Leather, Metal and Wood.


Boxing and Shipping via ground UPS/Fedex included. For rush shipping please provide your account for Fedex. Pricing credited with contract.

Not all samples currently available.

Reflectel Tribeca Showroom Front Of Shop Vintage Frames On White Wall And Portrait Plus Mirror TV
Reflectel Tribeca Showroom Front Of Shop Vintage Frames On White Wall And Portrait Plus Mirror TV
Reflectel Showroom In NYC With Metal Steel Magic Mirror Turned Off
Antique Gilded Frames On White Wall In Reflectel Frame Shop Hallway With Turned Off Mirror Television
Antique Gold Frame Detail With Tv Mirror Signature Series Leatherette Frame And Rope Liner
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