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TV Mirror Delivery

Whether you’re based locally in NYC or long distance, Reflectel has a delivery option right for you. Our logistics team is on standby for any questions you have! At Reflectel we care deeply and want your TV Mirror Delivery to be a seamless process. We handle each job with the utmost care and work one-on-one with our clients so that your Mirror Television or Framed TV arrives in perfect condition.

White van for Mirror TV deliveries

Local Delivery

  • Reflectel handles all aspects of crating, transport, and crate disposal for your TV Mirror Delivery
  • As a result, our team is ready to go or we work with the AV Integrator or contractor
  • Site Visits prior to Installation to verify everything is as it should be
  • We provide you with an in-depth Pre-Installation Checklist for a smooth install
Opening a crated Mirror TV in a residence

Out-of-state Delivery

  • We use a freight company called Ground Force
  • Reflectel also provides instructions and on-call assistance
  • Additionally, solid wood crates are made to ship our Mirror Televisions/Framed TVs
  • Crates are solid wood facing and perimeter, easily reversible, highest quality foam packing
  • Please see the Crates section below
Packed TV Mirror On Delivery Truck
Mirror TV Packed In A Crate On Delivery Vehicle


White glove Installation of your Reflectel Mirrored TV is the first step in enjoying your newest technology design statement. If you are beyond the NY tri-state area, you may be interested in our DIY steps to ensure your Framed TV with Mirror Glass is securely mounted. Follow our detailed guide on how to install a Mirror TV:


What tools and materials do I need to mount a Mirror TV?

1. Stud finder: To locate studs in the wall for secure mounting.

2. Level: To ensure the TV is mounted evenly on the wall.

3. Drill: Our French Cleat needs to be attached with the correct wall screws.

4. Blue Tape and Pencil: Use this to mark out where on the wall you want your Mirror TV placed.

5. Measuring tape: After you mark out, double check positions accurately.

Collage of tools for installation a Mirror TV: level, measuring tape, drill, tape, pencil and stud finder

How do I install a Mirror TV?

1. Unpack your Reflectel from the crate and have the necessary hardware.


2. Choose the Location:

   – Decide where you want to place your mirror TV. Determine the height and mark the wall.


3. Prep the Wall:

   – Locate studs in the wall and mark locations with a pencil.

   – Make sure the wall has blocking if the weight exceeds the wall tolerance.

   – Use a paper template to determine the perfect height.


4. Install the French Cleat:

   – The French Cleat is in two parts: One part is in the Framing System and the other is included to be attached to the wall.  

  – Hold the wall portion of the French Cleat to the wall over the paper.

  -Measure up from the Cleat to the top of the frame to determine placement of the wall cleat.


5. Drill Holes 

   – Hold the Cleat in place.

   – Drill into the piloted holes with your screws on the wall portion.

   – Masonry and Stone walls need unique drill bits and screws.


6. Level:

   -Use the level to make sure the Cleat is perfectly leveled.

   – Insert screws into the pilot holes through the mounting brackets and tighten them securely using a screw gun.


7. Connect Cables:

   – The necessary cables (power, HDMI, etc.) will be concealed for a cleaner look if you use a clock outlet or back plate.

– The alternative is to drop wires and use a wire cover.


8. Hang the Mirror TV:

  – Attach the internal portion of the French Cleat inside the framing onto the wall cleat. It will be perfectly level if you double checked with the level.

   – Power on the Mirror TV and test its functionality.


9. Last Step:

   – Ensure all connections are secure and that the TV is firmly mounted on the wall.


By following these steps, you can safely and successfully install your Reflectel mirror TV on your wall, adding the most stylish and design-forward TV concealment today!

TV Mirror Crates

We make sure every single one of our TV Mirrors and Framed TVs are packaged carefully in our expertly-crated handmade crates. With our decades of experience, rest assured that everything is crated very well. Dimensions and weight are dependent on the size of Reflectel you purchase and we are here should you have any questions.


Click here to learn about our Installation services.

Group of crated Mirror TVs in showroom

Landscape Orientation Crate Dims & Weight

landscape edge to edge mirror tv crate dimensions and weight

Square Orientation Crate Dims & Weight

Reflectel Mirror TV crate chart with size and weight

Dimensions and weight are approximate.

Estimates for crates are also available upon request.
Additionally, if you require more information please contact us: | 212-431-0633

169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday - Sunday
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