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Using sustainable Teak wood, our Framed Outdoor Tvs are the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Unsure what television would work best? One of the styles we recommend is from Sunbrite, you can click here to browse their various options. There’s also Samsung’s The Terrace, rain or shine, enjoy year-round outdoor entertainment.

Framed Outdoor Tvs Turned Off Golf Sports Over Mantel Fireplace
Framed Outdoor Tvs Turned Off Golf Sports Over Mantel Fireplace
Framed Outdoor Tvs Turned On Golf Sports Over Mantel Fireplace

The Perks of Teak

For our outdoor line we only offer frames made from Teak Wood. The reason being is that it is best known for its durability and ability to resist water. With its high oil content, it has the highest decay-resistance among all natural wood products. With its beautiful golden brown tones, Teak is the perfect natural element! You can read more about the advantages of Teak by clicking here.

Outdoor Framed Tvs In Teak Wood

Why Reflectel?

Reflectel is the company that knows how! We have 35 years experience as world class frame designers in NYC working for galleries and art collectors. We offer our complimentary frame design service so you can see for yourself what a difference a custom Teak Wood frame makes in your exterior design scheme.

We can take your Teak frame to the next level by customizing the shape!  We welcome templates and inspiration images from our clients. From a streamline modern look to something more flowing and elegant, our designers at Reflectel can help you find the perfect profile for that one-of-a-kind look. Our clients are always part of the design process for the best result.

For our other frame only services, check out our Floater TV and Framing Samsung The Frame pages. And click here to learn more about our Mirror TVs—Reflectel fabricates our TV Mirrors in our Tribeca, New York City workshops. We also are pleased to be the local go-to for homeowners, designers, and AV Integrators in New Jersey and Connecticut. For Mirror TVs NJ and Mirror TVs Connecticut please request info, we reply within 48 hours. We are the most luxurious TV Mirror framemaker in the concealment space. Transform any room!

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