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How to make your Custom Framed Mirror TV a Design Focal Point

First determine the best location in your home to make your custom frame Mirror TV a design Focal Point. Mirror TVs in Living Rooms are the most popular locations. Bedroom are the second most popular location for custom framed Mirror TVs. Famed designer Vanessa Deleon used a Reflectel Custom Framed Mirror TV in her upper east sides NYC bathroom in the famed Kips Bay Showhouse.

Gold Tv Behind Mirror Over Gold Fireplace

Signature Gold Portrait Mirror TV for Vanessa Deleon in her Kips Bay Showhouse

Custom Framed Mirror TVs

High Quality TV Transmission and an Ambient Frame Mirror


Custom Framed Mirror TVs instantly transform any room in your home. A black plastic TV “goes away” when it is concealed with one our our amazing Mirror TV frames either bespoke or Signature (aka Prefinished moldings) along with our amazing proprietary TV Mirror glass. Framed Hidden televisions are the hottest design trend and can be found in ultra high-net homes designed by famed designers and outfitted by AV Integrators. ONLY Reflectel offers the most luxurious custom-crafted framing options in Leather, Metal, Hardwood, Gilded Frames in wood both shaped and hand carved. We can frame your television sized from 32″ Diagonals up to 100″ diagonal. For the widest selection of Custom Framed Mirror TVs visit our Portfolio gallery. We invite you to make an in-person or virtual visit to Reflectel in Tribeca NYC to design your Custom Framed Mirror TVs

50" TV Behind Mirror With Silver Frame With Arch Shape Frame

50" TV in Arch Shaped Frame for Chiara de Rege

Where Entertainment Blends With Elegance

Black Leather Framed Tv With Red Stitching, Image Of Wave, Over A Black Console In Room With Hardwood Floors, Grey Rug And Rounded Glass Coffee Tables

65" Floater TV Frame - Leather with Ferrari-inspired stitching

A Reflectel Mirror TV isn’t simply a television or a mirror, it’s both!

The Reflectel team have been Frame Experts Since 1986

Reflectel Mirror TV has decades of framing experience in frame fabrication and design as the “sister company” of GK Framing established in 1986. Over 37 years of fine art picture framing and Mirror TV experience brings you the ultimate fusion of cutting-edge technology and opulent design. Our proud three plus decades legacy of crafting bespoke upscale frames, puts us head and shoulders above the competition creating exceptional Mirror TVs and custom Television Frames designed to enhance your living space seamlessly.

At Reflectel, our mission is simply to transform your home into a sanctuary of entertainment with the refined style of our founder, Elizabeth Goldfeder. Goldfeder and her team achieve this high bar by meticulously integrating high-definition televisions into stunning mirrors. Mirrors are considered by designers a must for every room and can bring in light and create the illusion of more space as House and Gardens magazine reports. Our dedication to craftsmanship and quality ensures that each TV Mirror in One we create is not just a source of entertainment but a statement piece that elevates your interior design.

Showroom with numerous gold carved frames on white wall and photo of horse on easle, White Framed Mirror TV on left wall

Reflectel: Where Designers and AV Pros go to Transform Your TV into a Masterpiece

Round Corner Vertical Gold Mirror TV Frame, Multi Colored Catamaran On TV, In Staged Living Room Over Marble Fireplace, Beige Chairs And Rug

65" TV in Rounded Corner - Modern Yellow Gold Gilded Carved Frame

Are you a discerning homeowner seeking to integrate entertainment into your stylish living space? Look no further than Reflectel Mirror TVs. We offer the ultimate TV makeover, transforming your television from a bulky black box into a stunning work of art that perfectly complements your home décor. Our curated selection of frames in Leather, Wood, Metal, Mosaic, and Prefinshed Signature offers a unique opportunity to choose a masterpiece that perfectly complements your style and taste.

Your #1 Source for High Quality Hidden Television Frames


Find out why Reflectel is Americas #1 source for hidden television frame! Reflectel is not only the source for Mirror TVs NYC, Mirror TV Hamptons, Mirror TV Westchester, Mirror TV Long Island and Mirror TV Connecticut but we are know as the finest mirror TV company USA wide. This incredible accolade is granted upon Reflectel because first and foremost we are PROFESSIONAL PICTURE FRAMERS and have honed our design skills. As well we have the undisputed widest selection of Custom TV Mirror and TV Frames in both hand-made and prefinished materials. You can choose from our endless frame collections in Gilded Shaped and Gilded Carved, to Metals in Steel, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, and Powder Coated, to our Leathers in many hide colors with decorative hardware and stitching to our Wood Finishes in Modern Woods including Oak, Ash, Birdseye Maple, Tiger Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Ebonized, Graphite, and Teak just to name a few species and finishes.


One Stop Shop for the best Mirror TV frames can help find the perfect style for your interior.

Mirror TV Frame in yellow gold with art deco carving on back and beaded lip


stainless steel luxury metal 3 inch face frame corner for a TV Mirror


Custom Framed Mirror TVs television mirror prefinished frame gold distressed baroque style


Custom Framed Mirror TVs Baccarat Hotel oak wood frame


Custom Framed Mirror TVs supple leather frame for luxury mirror televisions with stitching details


TV Mirror Frame side detail buildup Signature Series


Choose the Orientation/Contour

What Shape do your want your Mirror TV?

Landscape, Square, Circle, Ellipse?


Only the designers at Reflectel can offer the curated selection of any shape and size Mirror TV. Landscape Edge-to-Edge is our most popular Orientations but we can also do a Square or Portrait for a more grand appearance. Reflectel takes it a step further with Contour Shapes in Circle, Ellipse and more! The most luxurious home have custom made Hidden TVs with the most stunning frames from the workshops of Reflectel.


You can see our amazing TV Mirrors in NYC in our Tribeca showroom. Custom Framed Mirror TVs from Reflectel live all over the country. We work with AV Integrators on the West Coast for Mirror TV LA and Mirror TV San Francisco as well as Integrators on the East Coast for Mirror TV Washington DC and Mirror TV Miami as well as Mirror TV Naples Florida. Our Mid West AV partners include Mirror TV Austin Texas as well as Mirror TV Houston and Mirror TV Dallas. Further North we have Mirror TV Chicago and many more. If you want a hidden television, the team at Reflectel will find an AV Integrator in your neighborhood.

Custom Framed Mirror TVs wood Why choose Reflectel?


white gilded Custom Framed Mirror TVs square


Custom Framed Mirror TVs Baccarat Hotel Mirror TV in suite


white leather circle Custom Framed Mirror TVs


Custom Framed Mirror TVs black painted wood bespoke contour ellipse mirror television 4k samsung


Custom Framed Mirror TVs rounded corner leather

Rounded Corners


Browse our Portfolio to see our many successful Mirror TV installations in various room settings with our vast selection of frame options.

Framed Tv With Metal Bronze Frame Finish
Gold Round Corner Hidden Tv And Frame
Copper Leather Square Tv Mirror Over Mantel


Design Services

Take advantage of our digital Design Services to see what a Reflectel would look like in your space! We work closely with you to make your dream Mirror TV a reality.

Magic Glass Tv Interior Elevation Drawing With Gold Frame
Magic Glass Tv Interior Elevation Drawing With Gold Frame
Television Interior Mirror Elevation Drawing With Gold Frame
Magic Mirror Interior Elevation Drawing With Bronze Frame
Interior Elevation Drawing With Bronze Frame For A Tv Mirror
Television Mirror Interior Elevation Drawing With Blue Frame
TV Mirror Interior Elevation Drawing With Blue Frame

Custom Framed Mirror TVs Installation Services

Two Men and 1 Woman Installing a Reflectel Mirror TV over stone mantle

Count on Reflectel to be with you every step of the way, from the initial design process all the way to installation. Local or Long Distance, we can do it all!


Mirror TVs with black wood frame bathroom

Only Reflectel has the best water-white, low iron Mirror TV glass with 70% TV Transmission.


reflectel mirror tv frame glass frame infographic

We are guided by the top television manufacturers including the best rated: LG, Sony, and Samsung.

Where to get a Custom Framed Mirror in NYC, NJ, CT and beyond the tristate region?

Reflectel is proud to partner with these amazing companies to showcase our products in their showroom. Contact Refectel if you would like to visit any of these locations.

Gilded White Gold Square 55inch Mirror Tv Reflectel Nyc Showroom
Gilded White Gold Square 55inch Mirror Tv Reflectel Nyc Showroom

Reflectel - 55" Gilded Shaped Square

White Gold Square Mirror Tv In Nyc Frame Showroom

Reflectel - 55" Gilded Shaped Square

Southampton Mirror TV Custom Wood Painted Frame

Crescendo Designs - 55" Rounded Corner

Rounded Corner Mirror Tv Custom Finished Wooden Frame On Blue Wall

Crescendo Designs - 55" Rounded Corner

Champagne Colored Frame For Mirror Tv In New Jersey Showroom Turned Off

Electronic Concepts - 65" Signature Metal Landscape

Champagne Colored Frame For Mirror Tv In New Jersey Showroom Turned On

Electronic Concepts - 65" Signature Contemporary Bronze Metal Landscape

Reflectel Mirror TV Showroom & Workshop – Tribeca, NYC

Crescendo Designs – Southampton, NY

Crestron Experience Center – Rockleigh, NJ

Electronic Concepts – NJ

HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces – Chelsea, NYC

Ornare – NYC, A&D Building

SmartTouch USA – Washington D.C.

Gilmore Sound Advice – NYC (coming soon)

HiDEF – NJ (coming soon)

169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday - Sunday
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