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Reflectel Mirror TVs and Floater Frames are Custom Creations

For the most accurate Mirror TV and Floater TV pricing fill in our quick quote form below. 

  • Our team is standing by to assist.
  • Or call us at 212 431 0633.
  • Reflectel fabricates the best TV Mirrors and TV Floater frames in our NYC workshops. 
  • Our design team ensures that every TV Mirror or Floater TV frame is customized to your interior dreams to be the most luxurious television concealment solution.
Reflectel antique frames portrait plus mirror tv
43" Modern Wood Portrait Plus

We work one-on-one in our Tribeca, NYC showrooms or virtually. Check out our complimentary Design Services for a custom Mirror TV mockup.

Only Reflectel uses 70% television transparency glass, the highest in the industry

  • This special Mirror TV glass is both water white/low iron (no coke bottle green tinge)
  • Our glass has highest reflective properties when turned off, as a mirror and is beam-splitter (no double imaging)
  • Other makers use architectural “sky-scrapper” glass – with low TV transparency
  • Reflectel uses optical quality glass.
  • Request Info to get a sample to see for yourself.

How Much Does a Mirror TV Cost?

Reflectel offers the widest variety of television concealment solutions. The Reflectel team is here to help you find the right frame for the right price.

TV Makeover OFF With No Frame
TV Makeover OFF With No Frame
Mirror TV OFF With Gold Gilded Frame Over Marble Fireplace
Mirror TV ON With Gold Gilded Frame Over Marble Fireplace
TV Makeover OFF With No Frame
Mirror TV OFF With Silver Metal Frame
Mirror TV ON With Silver Metal Frame
TV Makeover OFF With No FrameMirror TV OFF With Gold Gilded Frame Over Marble FireplaceMirror TV ON With Gold Gilded Frame Over Marble FireplaceTV Makeover OFF With No FrameMirror TV OFF With Silver Metal FrameMirror TV ON With Silver Metal Frame

Flexible Framing Prices

Reflectel offers the most flexible framing packages to find the right frame at the right price. Pricing varies based on:


  1. TV Diagonal, with 49″, 55″, and 65″ being our most common;
  2. Orientation, with choices in Landscape/Edge-to Edge, or Square and Portrait Vertical options when the mirror is larger than the TV and our lastly our Plus orientation when the mirror is larger both horizontally and vertically. 
  3. Our Frame Series  give you many options from our entry level Signature up to our Gilded Carved frames

Bespoke Series

Our Bespoke series are hand made frames with endless customization options. See our wonderful TV Mirror frame choices in:


  • Gilded in 24K Gold
  • Leather in Supple Hides
  • Metal in Steel, Bronze, and Stainless
  • Wood in Mahogany, Maple, Cherry and more

Pricing starts with a 49″ TV in Landscape Orientation in Modern Wood for $9,270.00 and range to our Gilded Shaped Series at $11,250.00. For smaller TVs please contact us for a pro rated price. 55″ and 65″ Mirror TV range from $10,050.00 to $16,260.00.

gif tv mirror with blue and gold gilded shaped frame landscape over credenza in living room
65" Gilded Shaped Landscape

Signature Series

Reflectel created our luxury economy line in 2016, for Bloomingdales, NYC and its been a huge hit across the country. Our Signature series includes Carved, Shaped, Metal, Leatherette and Wood. Pricing starts at $7,425.00 for a 49″ Mirror TV.  Please click the button below for a tailored estimate to meet your needs. We respond in 24-48 hours.

55" landscape mirror tv with prefinished black smoke frame in kitchen over counter
55" Signature Elite Landscape - EL7

Please click QUICK QUOTE below, we reply in 24 – 48 hours. COVID specials are offered—just ask!

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(click to enlarge)

TV Makeover OFF with no frame
Mirror TV OFF with white frame over carved mantel
TV Makeover OFF with no frame
Mirror TV OFF with gold frame over marble mantel

Imagine a Reflectel Mirror-TV in your home! Our exclusive Design Services are available by filling out the Request Mockup form.


Reflectel, the undisputed Mirror-TV expert, stands apart in both quality and service. Every Mirror-TV we build is hand-crafted in our Tribeca custom shop, using the absolute best mirror glass, with optimal picture transmission and reflectivity. We can assist you in every step of the process:

169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
By Appointment Only


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