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When it comes to our Magic Mirrors that conceal your TV when in Mirror mode,  Reflectel can provide professional installation for optimal placement in your home, whether over a fireplace mantle, your bedroom, bathroom and also kitchen. We also offer our services to Designers, AV Integrators and Homeowners. As Fine Art Framers for 35 years at GK Framing, we know the best techniques for your wall. We use French Cleats which distribute the weight evenly. If you opt for an articulation arm, no problem! In other words, for the perfect result every time entrust your beautiful hidden television to the professionals at Reflectel. The key to a successful end result is successful Mirror TV Installation.


Reflectel also has teams ready to install into your home. We can survey the site or you can send images. Thus resulting in an ideal installation. At Reflectel, we work with your contractor, decorator and also AV Integrator to make sure everything is 100% perfect. We do Mirror TV Installations in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, and The Hamptons. We also do work across the US and beyond, reach out to us today!

Reflectel Team installing Mirror TV over stone mantle

What sets Reflectel apart from the rest?

  • Professional White Glove Mirror TV Delivery & Installation
  • Reflectel’s Installation Team is experienced, discrete, and above all professional
  • Additionally, call Reflectel for a Delivery and Installation Estimate


Out of town Delivery and Installation?

  • Reflectel offers all wood crating with camera foam
  • We use a trust worthy freight forwarder and also handle all the paperwork
  • We can additionally arrange curb side transport or white glove door-to-door service

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Installation Systems

mirror tv anatomy graphic showing glass television and strainer

French Cleat

Because of our 37 years as high end woodworkers, we uses a wooden French cleat in many of our installations. Accordingly, this system keeps your framed Mirror TV snug to the wall. It is a professional system that fine art handlers use for heavy artwork. The Reflectel system has the male portion inside the framing and our installers simply attach the female portion to the wall. The TV fits in perfectly.


Both pieces are cut on our table saw to 45 degrees and securely fastened. As a result, a benefit of a French cleat once anchored into the wall side, holds the framed TV Mirror without having to hold the full weight while securing it. The cleat is also fully hidden and made with a high quality poplar wood and should be screwed into wall studs. Additionally, French Cleats can be the full length of the frame or slightly shorter, to grab as many studs as possible behind it. Another benefit is that we leave the wall portion slightly shorter than the frame, the frame can be shifted left and right slightly after it is hung, for perfect positioning.

Installing A Mirror Television Leveling A French Cleat
Installing A Mirror Television Leveling A French Cleat
Installation Process For A Tv Mirror With White Glove Service
Mirror Tv Anatomy Graphic Showing Glass Television And Strainer
TV Mirror Installation In Progress White Glove Service With A Gilded Carved Frame
Mirror TV Installation Final Product With A Gilded Carved Frame In A Living Room
French Cleat Mirror Tv Installation System Graphic


Reflectel Magic Mirrors can be surface mounted (aka proud of your wall) or they can also be recessed in a niche created for the TV for a more shallow appearance of the frame projection as can be seen below. Because of our years of experience, our team of technical designers can specify the exact niche dimensions so everything is perfect.


Work with the professionals that both fabricate the concealed TV solutions as well as design the installation system. Our AV Integrators and Designers are thrilled to work with the Reflectel team because all aspects of the work are done in house from design to fabrication and from crating to installation.

surface mounted framed tv with mirror on white tile wall over fireplace

Surface Mounted

recessed bronze bespoke metal frame with tv hidden


tv mirror mounting systems surface or recessed

Surface Mounted vs. Recessed Installation System

Prepping your wall: Every Mirror TV is unique and wall preparation requirements may vary. Please contact a Reflectel representative to determine the best course of action in your home. Reflectel cannot be responsible for wall conditions.

Articulating Arm

We work with most articulating arms including Future AutomationCrimson, among others. If there was another model you had in mind, we can certainly discuss.

65 Inch Television Mirror Wood Framed Articulating Arm Installation
65 Inch Television Mirror Wood Framed Articulating Arm Installation
Television Mounted Onto Articulating Arm With Wood Frame And Mirror
Sleek Modern Wood Framed Television Mirror Articulating Arm
Concealment Solution For Magic Mirror 65 Inch Television On Articulating Arm
65 Inch Television With Mirror On Wall And Articulating Arm


Want to view your Mirror TV at an angle? No problem!

Our production team will assist to show you a before and after in your space. Additionally, our production team will work with you for the most aesthetically pleased result.

Metal Chain Angled Mirror Tv Wooden Frame Over Fireplace
Hand Carved Wooden Frame Corner Detailing

Custom Armature/Floor Install

We also offer custom armature services for when you want a graceful floor install.

55 inch mirror tv tall portrait style with a custom white wooden frame with painted armature install
black painted custom armature install for tall mirror tv in living room

Z Bar

We can also use the Z Bar system for your Mirror TV.

z bar installation for mirror tv graphic

COM Millwork

Reflectel offers the option of TV Mirror Glass only for our clients who want to use their custom millwork. Maybe you have an architect and millworker, and matching the wall paneling is the aesthetic because you want something very seamless. Our design team will work with your contractor or carpenter to ensure a perfect result every time. We offer the best Mirror TV Glass and have a dedicated structural team to ensure 100% success as a result.


Visit our COM Millwork page for more information and imagery.

Custom Millwork Mirror Tv Installation Square Plus Orientation
Custom Millwork Mirror Tv Installation Square Plus Orientation
Custom Millwork Mirror Tv Installation Square Plus Orientation


We recommend installing a clock outlet in the area where the TV is to be installed. Below are the ones we recommend. Additionally we can also work with you to figure out the best option for you.

clock outlet for tv mirror datacomm electronics

Datacomm Electronics 45-0031-WH

Amazon Link

clock outlet leviton for mirror tv installation

Leviton 689-W

Amazon Link

Before and After the Install Process

Our first class installation process magically transforms the rudimentary look of an average television to in a statement piece as a result.

46" Regular Black Plastic Television Turned Off
46" Dark Teak Mirror TV After Makeover Turned Off
46" Dark Teak Mirror TV After Makeover Turned On
55" Signature Elite Mirror Tv After Makeover Turned On
55" Regular Black Plastic Television Before Makeover Turned Off
65" Regular Black Plastic Television Before Makeover Turned Off
65" Signature Elite X Mirror TV After Makeover Turned On



  • Reflectel indeed handles all aspects of crating, transport, and crate disposal
  • As a result, our team is ready to go or we work with the AV Integrator or contractor
  • Site Visits prior to Installation to verify everything is as it should be


  • We use a freight company called Ground Force
  • Reflectel also provides instructions and on-call assistance
  • Additionally, solid wood crates are made to ship our Mirror TVs/Framed TVs
  • Crates are solid wood facing and perimeter, easily reversible, highest quality foam packing
  • Please see the Crates section below


Landscape Orientation

landscape edge to edge mirror tv crate dimensions and weight

Square Orientation

Reflectel Mirror TV crate chart with size and weight

Dimensions and weight are approximate.

Estimates for crates are also available upon request.
Additionally, if you require more information please contact us: | 212-431-0633


Reflectel Mirror TVs are fabricated in-house in our NYC Showroom. We also offer the Finest Custom Frames available. Your beautiful TV Mirror frame once installed on your television is protected with our wooden crates that are build in-house and custom sized to assure that while on its way to you everything is safe! Our team of installers are available Monday – Friday from 10am – 6pm to provide professional Mirror TV Installation. Additionally, for our local NYC, NJ, and CT clients we also offer door-to-door service. For clients out of driving distance we highly recommend Reflectel will make all the arrangements to secure the most competitive price in a time frame that works for you.


Above all, Reflectel certainly understands the importance of making sure your installation is 100% successful. In other words, you don’t need to worry! We take care of it all. Our team will also consult prior to the installation that a clock outlet if needed is installed by your electrician. Our Design Services team will also Photoshop your Mirror TV in your room setting so you can envision the perfect placement. As a result, you know exactly what to expect. Your time is important and we endeavor to work around your schedules.

169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday - Sunday
By Appointment Only


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