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Reflectel Mirror-TVs are the world’s most luxurious mirror-tvs; designed and handcrafted in our Tribeca production facility. Functional decor when you want it, and a top of the line television when you need it, Reflectel Mirror-TVs add a practical elegance to any space. Our products are built exclusively to your specifications with superior frames, glass, and technology. Nothing else compares.

Choose from thousands of high end and custom frames in our Tribeca showroom.

All three of our unique glass varieties dramatically outperform our competition.

We research the latest televisions, and help you select the absolute best.


Landscape: this is a set size, no excess mirror around

Landscape Plus, Portrait, Portrait Plus: are customizable and the mirror portion is larger than the TV.


Landscape Plus


Portrait Plus


  • We recommend only the best televisions (Samsung & LG) for optimal display quality
  • Unlike other companies, we combine the brightest, thinnest televisions on the market with the most transparent mirror, delivering uncompromising picture clarity
  • You get the same high quality audio as from any other TV
  • Reflectel works seamlessly with all augmented sound systems such as Sonos and all other surround sound systems

Depending on the project we run between 4-12 weeks

See the Reflectel Mirror-TVs in action and on display in our Tribeca Showroom located at 169 Hudson St. or Bloomingdale’s 59th street location.  We also have showrooms in Tarrytown NY, Bronxville NY, and Norwalk CT – for more information see the Showrooms tab at the top of the page.

Our beautiful Reflectel Mirror TV installation includes us hanging it on your wall with our custom constructed wooden cleat systems. The way it works: the male piece goes on the wall, female is embedded in the Mirror-TV. It’s more stable than traditional TV wall mounts. You may want to string the cables back through the wall for the best appearance. If the TV outlet is behind the frame, we customize the profile to facilitate different situations.

If for any reason there is a defect with a television – the manufacturer resolves it

Reflectel can help repurpose the Mirror-TV frame and glass

169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
By Appointment Only


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