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Reflectel Mirror-TVs are the world’s most luxurious mirror-tvs; designed and handcrafted in our Tribeca production facility. Functional decor when you want it, and a top of the line television when you need it, Reflectel Mirror-TVs add a practical elegance to any space. Our products are built exclusively to your specifications with superior frames, glass, and technology. Nothing else compares.

turned off gold reflectel mirror tv over stone mantle with dog below
turned on gold reflectel mirror tv over stone mantle with dog below

49” Gold Gilded Portrait Plus

Bespoke Frame Series 

Choose from thousands of high end and custom frames in our Tribeca showroom.

Your room image + 3 frames = your dream Mirror-TV

All three of our unique glass varieties dramatically outperform our competition.

We research the latest televisions, and help you select the absolute best.


23” Frameless Landscape Plus

Frameless Mirror TVs

Frameless Mirror TV’s are the sleekest and most minimal design we offer. Seamlessly concealing your TV in totally unexpected places. Great for embedding a TV in a large mirrored wall in a bathroom, spa or gym.

55" Modern Bronze Mirror TV Off Over Fireplace
55" Modern Bronze Mirror TV On Over Fireplace

Floating Mirror TVs

Looking to add an extra layer of elegance to your Mirror TV. Floating Mirror TVs leave a channel between the face of your frame and the glass that encases the Mirror TV. This gives the illusion that the glass is floating inside of the frame. A luxurious and refined way to make your Reflectel Mirror TV stand out.

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