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Are you looking for the Best Mirror TVs with Highest Quality Frames?


Reflectel fabricates our TV Mirrors in our Tribeca, New York City workshops. We also are pleased to be the local go-to for homeowners, designers, and AV Integrators in New Jersy  and Connecticut. For Mirror TVs NJ and Mirror TVs Connecticut please request info, we reply within 48 hours. We are the most luxurious TV Mirror framemaker in the concealment space. Transform any room!


Mirror TV: a mirror when the TV is off to enhance your interior, and your 4K or 8K TV when you turn it on all with a click of the remote…

Mirror TV off with high quality gold frame over stone mantle

49" Gilded Shaped GS2 Portrait - Off

Mirror TV on with gold frame over stone mantle quality highest

49" Gilded Shaped GS2 Portrait - On


Reflectel is the company that knows how! We have 35 years experience as world class frame designers in NYC working for galleries and art collectors. We offer our complimentary frame design service so you can see for yourself what a difference a custom bespoke or signature frame makes in your interior design scheme.


No more black plastic on your wall.


Our glass technology is head and shoulders above the rest—see for yourself! Our research team read and reread reviews to make sure you have the best TV and soundbars for your Reflectel.

85inch framed television with mirror in natural bespoke wooden oak

85" Oak Frame MW7 Landscape - OFF

85inch framed television with mirror in natural bespoke wooden oak

85" Oak Frame MW7 Landscape - ON

Reflectel makes the best Mirror TVs with Highest Quality Custom Frames in Leather, Wood, Metal and Gilded or Signature Series Silver, Gold, Wood Tone.

Only Reflectel offers Dielectric 70% TV transmission glass and our highly reflective Spa glass.

The best Mirror TV is made better with an amazing television. Reflectel does all the research for you.

Complimentary Photoshop Services to see your dream Mirror TV in your interior.


frameless Mirror TV in bedroom GIF ON OFF

75" Landscape Plus Frameless Mirror TV

Frameless Mirror TVs

Frameless Mirror TVs work without a frame! They are the sleekest and most minimal design we offer. You can conceal a Sony, LG, or Samsung television and no one will know! This no-frame option seamlessly conceals your TV in totally unexpected places. With our Design Services you can see if you prefer your bathroom TV on the left, right, or center. Reflectel can make full mirror glass walls in a bathroom, spa or gym. Read our Blog on how to transform your plain vanity mirror,with our bathroom Mirror TV, and make your bathroom a luxury experience with Reflectel Spa Glass


See how Reflectel can change the energy of the room.

Mirror TV Off with Modern Bronze Frame Over Fireplace

55" Zirconia Bronze Floating Landscape - Off

bronze tv mirror frame floating in bedroom over firepace

43" Zirconia Bronze Floating Landscape - On

Floating Mirror TVs

Floating Mirror TVs leave a channel of “air” between the face of your frame and the glass that encases the Mirror TV. The result? Floating Glass suspended inside of your TV Mirror frame!!   The look is  luxurious. Visit our Bathroom Mirror TV page to hear more about Floating and read our Blog on Vanity Mirror TVs and Spa Glass!! Our bespoke frames in:  Gilded, Metal, Wood, or Leather will make your Mirror TV the centerpiece of the room


Reflectel offers TV Mirror Glass only for our DIY clients or those that have a contractor or carpenter at hand. We offer custom sized mirrors if you want to fabricate your own frame.

Reflectel View is the best quality, highly transparent, optical quality mirror glass with 70% Television transmission. The picture quality is flawless. Our most popular glass is placed in living rooms or great rooms, perhaps above a mantel, and bedrooms.



Spa Glass offers 70% reflection and is the Mirror TV glass that closely matches bathroom mirrors for a vanity or medicine cabinet. We provide matching glass to complete the full experience. Most often used in bathrooms, spas, and gyms. See our Spa and Bathroom Section.

Spa Bathroom Mirror Tv
Spa Bathroom Mirror Tv

Spa Glass Specialty Wood Landscape Plus

Mirror TV In Minimalist White Bathroom With A Steel Frame

75" Steel with Raw Bolts Landscape

Frameless Bathroom Mirror Tv

Frameless Vanity Landscape Plus

Reflectel Circle Best Mirror TV Above Bathroom Vanity

Custom circle contour


Painted tv glass frame playing football game over fireplace mantel in living room interiorPainted Glass TV

Can you imagine a Mirror TV concealment with amazing TV transmission that doubles as a decorative element in your interior? At Reflectel, we are always trying to push the limits of the concealment industry. You can count on us to help your visions become reality. We are proud to announce: Painted Mirrored Glass Frames. For more information please read our blog post.

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