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Best Glass Choices

At Reflectel we offer the best TV Mirror Glass. Reflectel offers glass with varying transmissions for the perfect solution for your television concealment. We are located in Tribeca NYC with glass ready to order. This hidden television glass is called dielectric glass. Our high quality glass looks amazing in front of an LGTV, Sony or Samsung


  • Mirror TVs in the Living room are our number one location.
  • Your fireplace and mantel is the perfect location for a TV Mirror
  • Our dielectric glass and a custom frame are the most amazing design solution!


We also offer Reflectel Spa glass which is great in a bathroom, gym, or spa. Find out how we can help you with a magic mirror for your home gym or how to conceal your TV in your luxury bathroom!


Our TV Mirrors are the only ones using this top of line mirror tv glass. Treat yourself to this luxurious glass product to enhance the decor in your Living Room, Bedroom or almost any room in your house!  Reflectel is the only glass supplier who also fabricate custom frames!! We are conveniently located in Tribeca NYC just two blocks below Canal Street and two avenues from the West Side Highway.


We have 35 year experience in the framing world as Master Framemakers with GK Framing and we offer both  Reflectel View with the highest Transmission and best Reflectivity and Spa Glass for a discreet Bathroom solution. Consequently we are the leaders in hidden mirror glass technology.

Mirror Television Turned OFF With Ebony Mahogany Frame Over Furniture
Mirror Television Turned OFF With Ebony Mahogany Frame Over Furniture
Amazing Glass Mirror TV ON With Ebony Mahogany Frame Over Credenza


  • 4mm Thick View Glass (5/32″)  
  • 6mm Thick View Glass (1/4″)  
  • Maximum TV Transmission 
  • The Best Mirror TV Glass
  • Maximum Size – Please eamil
  • Best Quality Glass Substrate
  • The Best Picture Transmission
  • Finest Quality Glass
  • Most flattering Reflections

Our Reflectel Mirror-TV is at the cutting edge of technology, ideal for any room you live in: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Den, or Dining Room. This top of industry Mirror is optical quality not architectural quality, that others use. Flawless HD quality – incredible brightness. The absolute highest picture quality on the market.

Spa Glass Bathroom Specialty Wood Black Frame
Spa Glass Bathroom Specialty Wood Black Frame
Specialty Wood Black Frame Magic Mirror


  • 6mm Spa Glass
  • 30% Picture Transmission
  • 70% Reflectivity
  • Custom Cut
  • Maximum Size – 125″ x 69″
  • Special Order – 148″ x 69″
  • 30% Picture Transmission
  • 70% Reflectivity

Reflectel Spa is ideal for use as a large vanity mirror in your bathroom project. Reflects 70% of light for a brilliant reflection – suitable for applying makeup or shaving. It maintains great picture quality at 30% Picture Transmission.

Reflectel TV Glass Transmission

glass transmission for television mirror
  • Reflectel Glass assures highest transmission of light
  • Standard clear glass obscures transmission and has green tinge
  • Laminate and Temper available by request
  • Optical Coatings: Anti reflective one side and “high reflective coating” on the other
  • Defined reflection and transmission with virtually no annoying double imaging
  • Light transmission may vary depending on glass substrate and coating

 Reflectel View Mirror TV Glass in Action

Reflectel View the stand-out in Mirror TV Glass

Our Proprietary Glass is Best in Industry — Ask us why!


Did you know that Mirror TVs are the Ultimate  TV Makeover!



When you go out and buy a brand new television, do you ever think, this will improve the look of my room? Almost never. Most people dread the black plastic box without a solution. Imagine your television as a blank canvas for something that can go further and beyond aesthetically. At Reflectel we consider televisions as pieces of technology that have so much potential!!!


Have the opportunity to own an authentic and fully custom Mirror TV with your favorite frame. When you work with our team, you are taking the steps to have a beautiful and innovative statement piece of art in your own home—the art is your television!  We have a wide range of different frames with amazing finishes, textures, and colors to fully customize your TV Mirror. Mirror TV is meticulously handcrafted for the best TV concealment solution available.  Reflectel can provide exactly what you are looking for to spruce up your television and your living space with frames from Metal to Wood to Leather and everything in between.

Your TV is the Ultimate Makeover! 

Before: a boring black rectangle — After: a beautiful, functional decor element.

Ask our Digital Design Services, team to make a custom photoshop rendering and you can see exactly how your space can transform with a Reflectel Mirror TV. Visualization is the first step in imagining the most amazing interior design. Join our many satisfied clients who love their Reflectels!

65" Regular Black Plastic Television Before Makeover Turned Off
65" Handcrafted Black Leather With Gilded Lip Mirror Tv Turned Off After Makeover
65" Handcrafted Black Leather With Gilded Lip Mirror Tv Turned On After Makeover
55" Double Gilded Square Mirror Tv After Makeover Turned On
55" Regular Television Before Makeover Turned Off
49" Regular Black Plastic Television Before Makeover
49" Gilded Carved Mirror TV After Makeover Turned On

Reflectel Mirror Glass

  • Imagine your black plastic television turned into an incredible framed mirror
  • All televisions work including Samsung the Frame
  • You can have artwork displayed or family photo albums
  • Anything on your computer can now be on your TV!

Ordering Glass Samples

See below for sizing and pricing information:

3×3 or 6×6 – $65.00

12×12 – $185.00


NOTE: Prices are inclusive of packing and shipping (Continental US only)

Prices subject to change


If interested, please email with the subject: “Glass Samples Request” and someone will get back to you in 1-2 business days.


Glass sample fees refunded on your first job.


Click here to download our Credit Card Authorization Form.

First of all, Relectel has mirrors in stock! Fabrication in the USA. Our glass quality is unmatched by the competitors who use lower TV transmission glass. Furthermore, visit our Showroom in Tribeca to see for yourself and request a sample. Interested in Circles or Geometric Shapes? Noteworthy, we cut anything custom shaped!


We are glass professionals, hence, we offer numerous options such as tempering, laminating, and polished edges. Additionally, we offer just glass cut to size. Even more, we now design frameless Mirror-TV’s for the most minimal, seamless appearance.

169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday - Sunday
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