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Only Reflectel Mirror TV shows off the sides of their magic mirrors with Mirror TV Buildups and Closeups! Why? Because at Reflectel we are custom framers first and we are experts in constructing frames. We know all the best ways to make your framed TV look like an Object of art! Pick your favorite TV: SONY, LG, Samsung including Samsung The Frame


At Reflectel, quality is our business. Which is why we care about Mirror TV Frame Buildups. We are honored to be recognized by Forbes Magazine in late 2019: Magic Televisions – Multi-functional for a Small or Large House. Our commitment to excellence started in 1986 when our founder and CEO, Elizabeth Goldfeder opened the eponymous GK Framing on West 22nd Street in Chelsea NYC. Goldfeder/Kahan Framing Group soon cemented its reputation as the best archival framer in the city.


Laser sharp focus on quality control became a hallmark that transfers to the Mirror TV magic makers at Reflectel! 

News Articles about Reflectel Forbes Magic Televisions Multifunction Article with Reflectel Mirror TV news

TV Partnerships

After creating the best TV Mirror with Mirror TV Frame Buildups, one of the best parts about working with Reflectel is that you can “spec the tech” ! We read all the reviews and we know the best AV Integrators in NYC, Tri-State, and beyond. To help our clients out we are posting reviews of our recommended TVs.


Check out our virtual and complimentary Design Services to see what a Reflectel would look like in your home. All we need is a photo of your space, your choice of 1-3 frames and that’s it! Our presentations allow you to be confident in the entire design process all the way to Installation. No more black plastic on your wall! Your LG, Samsung, or Sony television is hidden behind a mirror with our custom frames for the ultimate concealment.

169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday - Sunday
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