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Our #1 location!

Reflectel was pleased to be written up by Forbes Magazine in 2020 and recognized as the most luxurious Mirror TV maker.  One of the most incredible design opportunities in the home is over the hearth. In todays modern world, technology brings families together and we have the perfect solution. 


Mirror when off and TV when on!


Mirror TV over Mantles has become the #1 location for our clients. A bespoke frame made by Reflectel in conjunction with framing partner sister, GK Framing.

Landscape Mirror TV With Natural Maple Modern Wood Frame Over Fireplac On White Brick Wall

Landscape with Modern Wood MW1 frame

Gilded Carved Mirror TV Landscape On Blue Wall With White Classical Mantel

Landscape with Gilded Carved GC24-A frame

Landscape With Gilded Carved Frame Over Marble Mantel Fireplace On White Wall Mirror TV

Landscape with Gilded Carved frame

Custom Dyed Leather Mirror TV With Hermes Stitching On Brick Wall Over A Mantleplace

Landscape with Leather L28 frame

Gilded Carved Frame With Beaded Lip Landscape Between Two Sconces Above Fireplace

Landscape with Gilded Carved frame

Gilded Shaped White Gold Mirror TV Landscape Over Traditional Mantel Fireplace On Brick Wall

Landscape with Gilded Shaped GS8 Frame

Gilded Carved 20th Century America Mirror TV Landscape Plus With Frame Graces Marble Mantel Fireplace In Upper East Side Townhouse

Landscape Plus with Gilded Carved frame

Specialty Wood Pie Crust Frame Landscape On Peach Benjamin Moore Wall With Ornate Mantel

Landscape with Specialty Wood SW2 frame

Metal Frame Mirror TV Over A Mantel Fireplace Living Room

Landscape with Metal Frame M4

Modern Wood White Lacquer Framed Mirror TV Portrait Plus Over Modern Marble Mantel

Portrait Plus with Modern Wood frame

Stone Mantel Fireplace With A Mirror TV And Gilded Carved Frame In Living Room

Square Orientation with Gilded Carved Frame

Portrait Orientation Mirror TV With Gilded Shaped Frame Over A Marble Mantel Turned On In Brooklyn Townhouse NYC With Dog

Gilded Shaped Portrait GS4

Gilded Shaped Landscape Mirror TV Over Mantel Fireplace In Living Room And Green Walls

Gilded Shaped Frame

Living Room In Philadelphia With A Mirror TV Gilded Carved Frame Over A Marble Fireplace Mantel

Gilded Carved Frame over marble mantel

Square Plus Orientation Magic Mirror With A Custom Dyed Leather Frame Black And Cognac

Square Plus with Custom Leather Frame

Silver Prefinished Tv Mirror Frame Over Fireplace

55" Signature Shaped Landscape - SS6-S-O

Custom Mirror Tv In Interior Millwork Over Fireplace Mantel

Mirror TV Built in Custom Millwork

Yellow Gold Gilded Mirror Tv Frame Carved Details Over Mantel Fireplace

Gilded Carved Landscape - GC38-A

Gold Prefinished Signature Carved Over Mantel Fireplace On White Wall

SC20-G Landscape

Gilded Frame Square Mirror Television With Dark Wood Liner

GS8 Square

65 Inch Framed Television Over Living Room Mantel

65" Landscape Mirror TV Gilded Shaped

Signature Carved Framed 50 Inch Mirror Tv Over Mantel Fireplace

50" Landscape SC24-G

Beach Bedroom Interior With Light Wood Custom Framed 55" Tv Mirror Over Mantel

49" Landscape SW15

65 Inch Magic Television Turned On With Custom Wood Frame Over Fireplace Mantel

65" Landscape

65 Inch Edge To Edge Magic Mirror Turned Off Over Tile Wall With Fireplace

65" Landscape M3

Square Plus Signature Frame Over Mantel

SC24-G 55" Square Plus

Lite Carved Gilded Frame Mirror Tv Over Mantel Fireplace 49"

GC51-A Landscape

Best Mirror Tv Over White Mantel Fireplace Dog Living Room

SWR12-W-4 65" Landscape

55 Inch Mirror Television With A Silver Toned Prefinished Frame Over Fireplace In Nyc Living Room

55" Landscape SS3-S

49" Mirror Tv Over Fireplace

49" Landscape EM10-PEW

“Homeowners are putting these in bathrooms, great rooms, kitchens… almost any possible space in the house. Elizabeth Goldfeder, CEO of Reflectel, says the most popular location for Mirror-TVs is over the mantel of the fireplace.” 

Mantel Measurement Form

Mirror TV Over Mantles is the #1 Location to have a Reflectel. We help you with Frame Design, Proper sizing whether your TV is surface mounted or recessed! Interested in a custom mockup of a Reflectel Mirror TV over your fireplace mantel?

Fill out our Mantel Measurement Form and include it in your Mockup Request.

Reflectel Mirror TV Mantel fireplace measurement form

Reflectel Partners

Firstly, your home entertainment center can be combined with a looking glass! That is a dream come true. What makes it even better? Secondly, you can stream artwork on your Reflectel Mirror TV.  Niio, Black Dove and Auxiiliary Projects are three amazing services to stream video art. Your television is therefore so many amazing things!  Moreover, your TV monitor can be used as a slide show!  Regale viewers with images from your recent trip or newest grandchild. 


Indeed Mirror TV over Mantels are our #1 spot. With this in mind, bespoke mantel makers, Marmoso, are whom we recommend. They are also located in NYC. Experience the timeless beauty and luxury a marble mantel can bring to any room. With names like Milas Lilac, Nero Marquina, Arabescato Carrara, its easy to be inspired.  Above all, our friends at Marmoso help compliment fireplaces which compliment Reflectel. Likewise, if you cannot have a fireplace in your home, especially here in NYC, then consider the elegant solution for the world’s safest fireplace from Hearth Cabinet Ventless Fireplaces. Therefore any room can be a location for these clean-burning, eco-friendly fire cabinets. In conclusion, please visit HCVF in Chelsea and enjoy two amazing Reflectel Mirror TVs. We installed a Signature Elite Square orientation and a Metal Series Landscape.

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