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What is a Reflectel Mirror TV?

Simply put, a Reflectel Mirror TV is an ambient mirror when Off, and your high-quality television when On. You choose the TV size, model, Orientation or Contour, and frame—we put it all together! Your space instantly transforms with a Reflectel, no longer do you need to hang up a black plastic rectangle on your wall.

A Reflectel Mirror TV isn’t simply a television or a mirror, it’s both!
65 Inch Contoured Mirror Tv With Ambient Mirror In Luxury Home

65" Rounded Corner Contour

Transform Technology to Décor

  • Mirror TVs allow you to conceal your black plastic television and turn it into part of the interior design 
  • You can discreetly place a television in any room
  • The glass is an ambient water white mirror when off, and your television when on
  • Our custom Mirror TV frames are fabricated in many shapes and finishes
  • We can use any television size up to a 100” 
  • Orientations can be created as Rectangles, Squares, and many Contour Shapes
  • The TV model is determined by AV, Design Team, or homeowner
  • Display Artwork on your Mirror TV for ultimate concealment

Installing Your Mirror TV

Reflectel is with you all the way from the design consultation to Installation. Reflectel offers local NYC Tri-State clients white glove Delivery and Installation. We are a involved every step of the way. Not in the NYC area? No problem! We provide you with clear step-by-step installation guidelines and are available for a call or Zoom for face-to-face communication. We can even match you with an AV Integrator in your area. Count on us to get the job done!

Installing A Mirror Television Leveling A French Cleat
Installing A Mirror Television Leveling A French Cleat
Installation Process For A Tv Mirror With White Glove Service
TV Mirror Installation In Progress White Glove Service With A Gilded Carved Frame
Mirror TV Installation Final Product With A Gilded Carved Frame In A Living Room

Mirror TVs Come In Many Shapes and Styles

With decades of framing experience under our belt, Reflectel is the company that knows how. We offer a variety of Orientations and Contours to choose from, from our popular Landscape edge-to-edge to Circle Contours, you can count on us to create something truly spectacular.

The Best Economical Mirror Tv Choice With Traditional Framing In Nyc Bedroom To Hide Your Technology
83" Aluminum Painted Mirror TV After Makeover Turned On
Beautiful 55
55" Ellipse Contour - Leather In HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces Showroom
The Best Circle Contour Mirror Tv White Leather In Nyc Dining Room

Mirror TV Glass

Glass Transmission For Television Mirror
  • Flawless TV transmission when On through the one way Glass
  • Reflectel’s Low Iron Glass allows for the highest TV transmission in the Industry 70%
  • Optical Quality: Coated for Anti reflective one side & “high reflective coating” on other side
  • Ambient silver lavender tone when a mirror
  • No green tinge like standard iron glass
  • Best in rooms with lighting controls and window treatments
  • Back painting glass: glass larger than the TV screen dimensions will have the area beyond the screen back painted in black to reveal the glass reflective properties
The highest TV transmission in the industry!

Frames Galore

We have a plethora of Frame Styles featured on our website and hundreds more in our Tribeca, NYC showroom. From custom Bespoke Series to our value engineered Signature Series, there’s sure to be a frame that’s perfect for any style you have in mind. Click the button below to see our different Series.

The Ultimate Before & After TV Makeover

It’s no contest whether a regular black plastic television or a Reflectel Mirror TV is the better addition to your space. You get to choose each part of your Mirror TV and our highly experienced designers are there to assist along the way. See a few examples below of some of our most spectacular Before vs. After scenarios.

Before And After Mirror Television Silver Frame
Before And After Mirror Television Silver Frame
White Gold Framed Tv After And Before Tv On Wall Master Bedroom
55 Inch Ellipse Round Tv Mirror Ultimate Makeover
Tall Tv And Mirror Frame Before After Makeover
Before And After Television Makeover With Mirror Tv
Large Square Framed Tv And Mirror And Before Black Television
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