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Metal Series

Metal hand welded steel frame with raw bolts

M1 - Raw Bolt Welded Steel

Metal texture detailing dark slate grey frame for mirror tv


Popular Metal Frame: M3 zirconia bronze

M3 - Zirconia Bronze

brushed aluminum silver shiny colored frame for mirror tv

M4 - Brushed Satin

Brushed satin metal frame elegant shimmering

M5 - Brushed Aluminum

Metal series frame for luxury mirror tv


Industrial satin metal frame grunge custom finish

M7 - Industrial Satin

M8 - Ground Gloss

etched bronze metal shimmering frame

M9 - Etched Bronze

Brushed onyx frame for luxury tv mirror

M10 - Carbon

luxury Metal frame for mirror tv

M11 - Ground Gunmetal

Specialty Metal Series

Brushed antique bronze frame shimmering finish

SM1 - Brushed Bronze

Specialty blackened steel frame corner with brushed details

SM2 - Blackened Steel

Specialty Metal frame in brushed bronze

SM3 - Brushed Bronze Antique

SM4 - Stainless Steel

SM5 - Mirror Polish Aluminum

SM6 - Mirror Polish Stainless Steel

Thin Metal Frames

These frames are exclusively used for our Plus Series. Read more about our different Orientations here.

M3 - Zirconia Bronze

M8 - Ground Gloss

M10 - Carbon

SM1 - Brushed Bronze

SM3 - Brushed Bronze Antique

SM4 - Stainless Steel

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