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Metal Series

Metal hand welded steel frame with raw bolts

M1 - Raw Bolt Welded Steel

Metal texture detailing dark slate grey frame for mirror tv


Popular Metal Frame: M3 zirconia bronze

M3 - Zirconia Bronze

brushed aluminum silver shiny colored frame for mirror tv

M4 - Brushed Satin

Brushed satin metal frame elegant shimmering

M5 - Brushed Aluminum

Metal series frame for luxury mirror tv


Industrial satin metal frame grunge custom finish

M7 - Industrial Satin

ground gloss shiny metal frame corner for framing televisions

M8 - Ground Gloss

etched bronze metal shimmering frame

M9 - Etched Bronze

Brushed onyx frame for luxury tv mirror

M10 - Carbon

luxury Metal frame for mirror tv

M11 - Ground Gunmetal

Specialty Metal Series

luxury metal brass brushed bronze finish industrial

SM1 - Brushed Bronze

Specialty blackened steel frame corner with brushed details

SM2(G) - Blackened Steel

Specialty Metal frame in brushed bronze

SM3 - Brushed Bronze Antique

stainless steel luxury metal 3 inch face frame corner for a TV Mirror

SM4 - Stainless Steel

light mirror polish aluminum metal specialty frame

SM5 - Mirror Polish Aluminum

shiny reflective mirror polish stainless steel frame for the most bespoke tv option

SM6 - Mirror Polish Stainless Steel

SM7(C) - Raw and Rustic

Thin Metal Frames

These frames are exclusively used for our Plus Series. Read more about our different Orientations here.

thin bronze frame for the ultimate concealed tv and mirror

M3 - Zirconia Bronze

thin metal frame 1 inch for tv framing

M8 - Ground Gloss

thin metal carbon black framing

M10 - Carbon

brushed bronze brass minimal framing the for tv concealment

SM1 - Brushed Bronze

antique bronze brass thin framed corner in televisions

SM3 - Brushed Bronze Antique

stainless steel subtle interior design element for mirror tvs

SM4 - Stainless Steel

Why Reflectel’s Metal Series Tops

Our Metal Series frames are the perfect choice if you’re looking for something super sleek and chic for your space. Whether it’s for your home, a commercial setting or hospitality, metal is always a great option.

If you’d like your Mirror TV to have the thinnest frame possible, our Metal frames are the way to go. You can go as thin as a 3/4″ face (depending on the material chosen). The reason for this is that it is a strong material allowing a thin profile to be structurally sound.

Choose from a wide array of finishes in bronze, steel, aluminum, powder coated colors and more. The flat profiles of these metal options brings a sense of contemporary and modernism in any setting its in. For many of our metal options, you can opt for additional details on the face like screws or bolts for a more industrial vibe for your Mirror TV frame.

You choose the TV size and favorite TV model (from companies like LG, Sony, and Samsung), the metal frame, and we take it from there. Reflectel is here to make you look good.

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