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Only Reflectel Mirror TV offers the three best orientations and contours for your Mirror TV. For the first time you can choose from Landscape, Square, Portrait and Plus models. Our Landscape is the ONLY Edge-to-Edge Mirror TV in industry without a mirror border! Contour TV Mirrors are maximum concealment.

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best orientations and contours mirror tv landscape best custom


television mirror circular best orientations and contours


One-of-a-kind Mirror TVs

Reflectel is the company that knows how! We have 35 years experience as world class frame designers in NYC working for galleries and art collectors. We offer our complimentary frame design service so you can see for yourself what a difference a custom bespoke or signature frame makes in your interior design scheme. All we need is a photo of your space, your choice of 1-3 frames and that’s it! Our presentations allow you to be confident in the entire design process all the way to Installation. No more black plastic on your wall! Your LG, Samsung, or Sony television is hidden behind a mirror with our custom frames for the ultimate concealment.

circle and lozenge mirror televisions with thin leather frames in frame workshop best contour

Lozenge & Circle Mirror TVs

Baccarat NYC Hotel tv mirror in portrait plus with a luxurious smoked oak frame

49" Smoked Oak Portrait Plus - Baccarat Hotel

gif tv mirror with blue and gold gilded shaped frame landscape over credenza in living room

65" Gilded Shaped Landscape

best mirror tv orientations The Elgin nyc bar and restaurant leather frame landscape plus tv mirror

65" Leather Landscape Plus - The Elgin

modern kitchen with mirror tv turning on and off gilded float frame contour

32" Gilded Shaped Lozenge

best orientation mirror tv Specialty Wood rope dark brown frame tv mirror square over black fireplace living room

55" Specialty Wood Square

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