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We Wish You A Bright And Happy 2016


At Reflectel we believe that making your daily spaces more beautiful makes the moments in your homes, offices, stores and studios brighter and better. All the little happy moments spent in thoughtful and fantastic surroundings add up to the big long moment we call Life, and we want to help you make it as joyous, exciting and serene as you need it to be in 2016.

Five Tips to Improve Your living Space In the New Year


1. Maintain, Preserve, Appreciate: This year take the time to properly care for the pieces you already have. Frame your art, restore an older piece’s luster, and make a commitment to all the details that keep your decor looking gorgeous, so you can feel your best in your space.

2. Choose A Meaningful Focal Point: Let your one-of-a-kind possessions, such as a work of art, familyphotograph, or beloved heirloom guide your design sense. Get inspired by the colors, mood, time period, or textures of an object you plan on displaying.3. Love Everything A Little More: We hope 2016 is the year you love every inch of your decor. Anything short of love isn’t worth the investment in time, money, or precious space. Achieving all this year’s goals starts with good home surroundings.

4. Experiment, Comfortably: Don’t feel like adding a “bold accent wall” in your bedroom?
If you’re afraid of a splash of teal, play with texture, lighting, scale, or pattern. Trends come and go, but there are a million ways to have fun within the boundaries that you’re comfortable with. And if you want our advice, just ask us!

5. Dual Purpose Decor: When the most functional tools can be made beautiful, why draw a line between your appliances and your decor? Eliminate the clutter by choosing form and function in 2016. Reflectel’s Mirror-TVs embrace this idea perfectly.


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