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Let Cold Weather Accessories Hibernate:

Lighten up! Swap out heavy textiles for more breathable alternatives.  Storing thick blankets and heavy pillows in warmer months will extend their life across many winters when you need them most.

Invite The Outdoors In:

Try incorporating native species into your home design to celebrate the blossoming of a new season. Tip: Nothing says spring like the scent of lilacs!

Let There Be Light:
Embrace the ample daylight in your home with colorful, light window treatments that flutter with the breeze and draw the eye outdoors. In rooms not blessed with natural light sources, incorporate a stylish floor lamp or replace dim bulbs for brighter alternatives.

“When you surround yourself with possessions that spark joy, you’ll create a home and a life you love.”
-Marie Kondo


Add  Seasonal Artwork:

Add a few new photos that embody the feeling of spring to your gallery wall. Alternatively,  Take the opportunity to re-frame your pieces that need TLC. Fresh mats and frames can do wonders for your decor and the lifespan of your collection.

Clear Clutter:
De-cluttering doesn’t have to fall into the cliche of arduous spring cleaning. Dual purpose furniture can add beauty and simplicity to any space.  Reflectel’s Mirror-TV embodies this concept beautifully, providing a state of the art television experience, cloaked in the beauty of a hand-crafted framed mirror.

Visit Reflectel at the 2016 Hamptons Contemporary Trade show!


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