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Things We Loved at the
Hampton’s Contemporary Home Decor Show

  1. Reflectel Mirror-TVs were a huge hit at the premier Hamptons Contemporary Decor show

    Hundreds of attendees loved our luxurious frames and convenience of a vanishing television. We couldn’t agree more!

  2. You Can Have It All!
    Minimal and Matchy is on the way out. We scouted a lot of “More is More” design this summer.Don’t shy away from the opulent and larger than life.
  3. Bold Paintings are in style
    Vivid color, Bold Subject. Take a chance!
  4. “Go-Local” – Not just for Vegetables

Reflectel fell in love with Architectural Grille’s customized Metal Work located just around the corner in Brooklyn.

gif showcasing reflectel's booth in the hamptons

The Friends We Made at the Show

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