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Gilded Silver Frame Mirror TV Hidden Television In Living Room
What is a Mirror TV?

Mirror TVs are the latest design trend that the interior design world is raving about, but what exactly are they?

When turned off, your Mirror TV appears as a framed mirror. When turned on, it operates as a high quality television. The mirror is designed to allow the TV screen to shine through when in use and conceal it when not in use, making it the perfect way to hide your television while adding to your decor.

Reflectel Mirror TVs vs. Traditional Televisions

Before and after oak wood frame mirror tv next to traditional television
Mirror TVs redefine luxury entertainment, contrasting traditional televisions with unmatched style and functionality.

While traditional televisions occupy significant wall space, Reflectel Mirror TVs beautifully blend into any decor, doubling as stunning mirrors when turned off. In contrast, traditional TVs fall short in design versatility and aesthetic appeal, taking away from your decor rather than adding to it.


The choice between Reflectel Mirror TVs and traditional televisions is clear, as Reflectel goes beyond mere entertainment, crafting beautiful pieces of functional art that elevate any space. 

Leather Green Frame Mirror TV Hidden Television in Living Room

Choosing a Mirror TV

Now that you know about Mirror TVs, how do you choose one?

Luckily, the choice is simple. Hand crafted to blend aesthetics with innovation, Reflectel Mirror TVs stand out as beautiful pieces of functional art. Offering a vast array of frame options, Reflectel ensures that your television can now match your interior decor rather than detract from it. Reflectel Mirror TVs redefine luxury living by effortlessly transitioning from a mirror to a vibrant LED display, merging design with high quality entertainment.

What Sets Reflectel Mirror TV Apart

When selecting a Mirrored TV, choosing Reflectel offers a blend of top notch artistry and innovative technology that surpasses other hidden television options. Thanks to our founder’s 35 years of experience in fine art framing with our sister company GK Framing, Reflectel Mirror TV offers the widest range of the top quality TV frame options to complement any interior. 


Our Mirror TVs are fully customizable, giving you the option to choose any shape, size, and frame material to perfectly suit your aesthetic vision. You can select from high-quality woods, metals, leathers, or custom finishes to match your decor perfectly. With a perfect bespoke frame, your full HD hidden TV transforms into a stunning masterpiece, adding a touch of sophistication to any room.

50" Ellipse Contour Mirror TV with black wood frame

Reflectel Mirror TV: The Most Luxurious Way to Hide Your Television

With Reflectel Mirror TV, you are adding both a functional television and a bespoke framed mirror to your decor, all in one. The meticulous craftsmanship and endless customization options allow you to tailor your hidden TV Mirror to match your unique style. Don’t miss out on the latest luxury interior design trend – elevate your decor with Reflectel and rid your space of the monolithic black box television.


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