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Custom Metal Framed Tv Mirror In Nyc Living Room

It has been an exciting and busy year for us at Reflectel! We created many beautiful Mirror TVs and Framed TVs in a wide range of styles and continued to set the standard in the TV concealment world. We joined additional showrooms with some amazing companies, unveiled a brand new Frame Line, and so much more. We’ve certainly had our hands full and we wanted to look back at our 2022: A Year in Review.



Only Reflectel offers the most creative Orientations and Contours for your TV Mirrors. Your aesthetic ambitions are not limited to rectilinear shapes. Reflectel can conceal your TV in a circular frame, arch top, or something more geometric.


Rounded Corner

First up is this 65” Rounded Corner with a black leather frame and gilded edges for that extra touch of luxury. The frame also comes with hardware details and small straps on the side. Each component of this Mirror TV was meticulously designed and brought to life. We designed this frame to have a “floating” appearance resulting in a showstopper display.




Speaking of Leather, this 50” Circle Contour Mirror TV is hands down one of our favorites of the year! The sleek white leather frame was the perfect choice for this elegant dining space. We kept the sides minimal with only small hardware details around the frame and matching white stitching. When off, you would never be able to tell that there was a television hiding behind our Reflectel View Glass.




Our Ellipse Contours continue to be one of our most sought after styles. We are grateful to our Channel Partners for displaying them in their showrooms. The frames match the 65” Rounded Corner mentioned earlier in this post, and with good reason—it’s gorgeous! One Ellipse Contour was installed in HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces’ Chelsea, NY showroom. You can also see two other Mirror TVs on display in this space. One is a 49” Landscape Gilded Shaped and the other is a 55” Square Signature Flats. HearthCabinet and Reflectel are the perfect pair and we love partnering with them every chance we get.



The second Ellipse can be found in Ornare’s Southampton showroom. This is one of our latest showrooms we have the privilege of being a part of. Ornare’s top-quality cabinetry and Reflectel’s top-quality TV concealment solutions work hand in glove. We are proud to be included in their space and encourage you to visit if you are in the area.


Thin Frames

With over 35 years of framing experience, Reflectel is the go-to for all of your Mirror TV and Framed TV needs. Many of our clients are in search of the most minimal television concealment solutions. Our slimmer frame styles are a great solution as they offer a more discreet and subtle look. Because of the nature of these frames, the Mirror TVs need to be part of our Plus Orientations with a mirror pillow around each side. If you are interested in a Framed TV, you can have it flush against the image. This would be considered Landscape edge-to-edge.



If you want the absolute thinnest frame possible for your TV Mirror, our Metal Series is the way to go. It offers the most structural stability and we can fabricate them in a wide variety of tones. You can choose light brass, antique bronze, to mirror polish aluminum and more.


This immense 83” Landscape Plus Mirror TV was fabricated with a 1 ½” Brushed Bronze frame (SM1) from our Specialty Metal Series. Reflectel allows you to pick the size of the mirror as another customization option. In this case it is much larger than the television image giving it a grand appearance. What makes this TV Mirror even more impressive is that it is recessed into the wall. From the side you only see a thin metal buildup while the rest of the television and frame are expertly hidden away.



We had the opportunity to do another large-scale Mirror TV with our Specialty Metal Series. This time the frame was 1” in a Mirror Polish Aluminum finish (SM5). Our production team worked closely with the AV Integrators and Contractors on this job from start to finish. The collaboration was to ensure the TV Mirror would work perfectly with an articulating arm wall mount. Overall, Reflectel offers the best Installation Services and works with you for a smooth install.



The next is an example of a Framed TV/No Mirror. The TV image reaches the edges of the frame making it one of our Landscape edge-to-edge Orientations. This 1 ½” frame is in one of our most popular Metal finishes, Antique Brushed Bronze (SM3). The frame blends seamlessly with the fireplace grate, tying the entire space together.





Moving onto thin wood frames, the following is a 65” Landscape Plus with a 1 ½” Birdseye Maple frame. We think that it stands out perfectly in this living space. It’s the little details that make it work, you’ll notice that the arms on the chairs are a wonderful complement to the Mirror TV. The beauty of this wood grain is unmatched and we think it was the best choice for this interior design scheme.



This 75” Landscape Plus TV Mirror is one of our most recent installations, and it was framed with a 1 ¾” style from our Modern Wood Series (MW13). One of the benefits from our Wood Series is that it is completely customizable. We make the frame the desired width with our decades of framing experience and hone in on the exact color. The profile has a slight curve and even the side buildup was carefully designed and crafted. Altogether, this Mirror TV is gorgeous from every angle.



The last thin framed Mirror TV we will be highlighting in this post is a 65” Square Plus with a Modern Wood frame—a walnut finish to be exact. We fabricated this television mirror to fit snugly into the cabinetry with everything recessed into the cavity. With Reflectel you work closely with our team so the finished product is exactly what you envisioned. Want something a little taller than a standard rectangle shape? No problem! We have done many Square Oriented Mirror TVs and the added benefit is that you are able to conceal a soundbar along with the TV.



COM Millwork

Want a television over your mantel fireplace to work with your room’s millwork but don’t know how to go about it? Leave it to Reflectel! We can recess your TV behind our glass and create a frame to complement the interior design scheme or even use the room’s existing elements. We are here to make your space look beautiful and taking advantage of your space’s millwork is a great way to hide a TV.


First up is this 65” Square Plus Mirror TV with matching flanking mirrors on either side of the mantel fireplace. This is one example where the Reflectel team worked very closely with the other professionals on the job (AV Integrators, Architects, Contractors etc). Every single measurement had to be extremely precise due to the nature of the job. We provided the glass which is our Reflectel View, our most popular choice as it has an ambient quality which works wonderfully in living areas. The position of the television is also something that is customizable and we always make sure it is placed perfectly for our client’s line of sight.



This second TV Mirror example shows how we were able to mimic the interior’s millwork design so that you’d never be able to tell there was a TV concealed behind the mirror. We made site visits to measure everything and to make sure that what we fabricated would be a match. The frame was painted with Benjamin Moore’s Pine Brook 490 and lastly gilded on the edges. Truly a one-of-a-kind!



New Frames

We are constantly adding more styles to our many Frame Series. We have two main Frame Lines: Bespoke and Signature. Our Bespoke line consists of the following Series: Gilded Carved, Gilded Shaped, Leather, Metal, Modern Wood, Specialty Wood and Hardwoods. All of these are completely customizable, meaning you can edit the size and finish (some exclusions may apply). For example, see a Gilded Carved style you like but want it to be White Gold instead of Yellow Gold? We can 100% do that! Like a profile from our Modern Wood Series but want it painted a Benjamin Moore color? No problem! We work with you to design the ideal frame for your living space.


2022: A Year in Review frames bespoke line metal wood leather and gilded


Our various Signature Series are part of our value engineered line allowing our clients to have a more budget friendly option to choose from. Our Signature Series includes Essential, Flats, Carved, Shaped, Metal, Leatherette and Wood. There are so many styles to choose from and we are always expanding our catalog of frames.


2022: A Year in Review signature prefinished frames



Barclays Center

Some of our most successful value engineered jobs are undoubtedly the Mirror TVs and Framed TVs made for NYC’s Barclay’s Center. We started out with frames from our Gilded Carved and Leather Series, some of our most luxurious styles. Working closely with designer Simon Sosa from Ken Fulk, we came up with more budget friendly solutions from our Signature Series and the final results are simply outstanding.


Dining Room

We designed TV concealment solutions for 3 areas in the Barclays Center: Dining Room, Salon and Lounge. We actually have two products in the Dining Room, a Framed TV and a Mirror TV. The 75” Framed TV has a beautiful Baroque-esque design from our Signature Carved Series (SC25-G-O) and a custom painted side buildup to match the golden and deep red tones of the room. The television model chosen was Samsung The Frame which allows this Framed TV to display artwork, resulting in a perfectly concealed black TV.



The Mirror TV in the dining area is expertly placed in this column behind our water white glass for the absolute highest picture quality on the market.




The Lounge is the only other location with a Mirror TV and this Signature Leatherette frame (SL2) and gold-toned liner blend in so seamlessly with the space. The wall shares similar elements with the straight dark lines and golden accents. We cannot imagine a regular black plastic television on display here. This TV Mirror is the absolute best design element for the Lounge.




The last room we worked with Ken Fulk on is the Salon, and it’s another one of our Framed TVs. The organic nature of the wall designs inspired Reflectel owner, Elizabeth Goldfeder, and designer Simon Sosa to choose this frame from our Signature Line. Pay close attention to the frame’s leaf-like shapes and the liner’s curvature design. This frame shows delicate embossing which is reminiscent of 20th century European decorative motifs. 



Artisanal Line: Allison Eden

Last but certainly not least, we launched a brand new Artisanal Frame Line with Allison Eden as our inaugural artist! Eden’s designs are unlike anything else we offer and we are beyond excited to be offering her mosaics to our clients. We currently have an Allison Eden Mirror TV on display in our showroom which was first unveiled at this year’s NY Now Trade Show alongside our friends at HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces. This 43” Landscape TV Mirror shows her “Shattered” pattern and it is quite a sight to behold in person. Along with the framed mirror and television, Eden also transformed a mantel to match! Her work is truly unparalleled and it’s a game changer in the TV Concealment world.



Why have a plain black plastic television on display in your space when you could have a bold and creative mosaic by artist extraordinaire, Allison Eden? The beginning of her glass mosaic journey started when she visited a Greenwich Village store window and became captivated with the design. Since then she has created 100% custom and unique designs for residences to commercial spaces and beyond. She was featured in many publications including Architectural Digest, Interior Design Magazine, Elle Decor among others. Eden is a trusted resource for her work which has also graced the homes of celebrities including Elton John and Kris Kardashian. To say she is accomplished would undoubtedly be an understatement.



You can see a sampling of her past art work here and click here for Residential Projects and Commercial Projects. As you can see, the design creativity is endless! You can turn your Samsung, Sony or LG television into a work of art with Reflectel and Allison Eden. Interested in getting the design process started? Fill in our Request Info form and we will take it from there. See below just a small sampling of what our Reflectel/Eden partnership has to offer.


Reflectel had a lot of business this year and we are so grateful to all of our clients for keeping us creative and making our work interesting. We can’t wait to see what else is in store in 2023! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the latest happenings at Reflectel.

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