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This summer Reflectel teamed up with Dave Cicirelli of, to fulfill his creative agency’s mission of bringing new ideas to life. Their flagship property, The Infinity Cube, uses a patented design that merges and multiplies video across a three-dimensional landscape in a way that re-invents and elevates the popular Infinity Room concept. This isn’t a simple hall of mirrors, but a major leap forward for the medium.

Made possible by Reflectel’s proprietary glass, Rochambeau conceals an external video source to allow only light into the mirrored space. The effect is kinetic imagery that layers with the audiences’ own reflection, and repeats them both endlessly in all directions—resulting in an immersive kaleidoscopic reality and an almost out-of-body experience.  Additionally, with the proper configuration of several types of Reflectel’s optically coated sheets, the Cube both reflects and lets light pass through it, making it observable from the outside.

The Infinity Cube has already proven to be a hit with artists, brands, and general audiences alike. Along with build partners Raymond Glass Co., The Infinity Cube has been anchored in sponsored spaces at major cultural events, including this year’s U.S. Open.

But it’s just the beginning. Both a room, a sculpture, and a screen—the Cube is more than just a single installation. It’s a new kind of canvas. One with, dare we say, infinite possibilities.

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