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Custom Framing On Nyc Wall In Living Room

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Original Post by Lauren Wellbank  |  September 10, 2020


From where to get it made to what materials to use, we’re answering any question you might have about framing.


Picture frames are not one size fits all. From where to source your picture frames to cleaning them once they’re inside your home, here’s everything you need to know about custom frames.


Where to Get Custom Frames Made

GK Framing.


GK | Reflectel Storefront with owner, Elizabeth Goldfeder


How to Choose the Right Materials

A good way to choose the right size and materials for your photo or art is to determine the significance the artwork has in the home, says Elizabeth Goldfeder, CEO and founder of GK Framing. She suggests looking at it from both a monetary and sentimental angle. “Works of value or of special meaning need to be archivally framed,” she says, adding that preservation materials are necessary to achieve this high bar.


Additionally, you’ll need to consider the other items that will be hanging near your artwork. “If part of a grouping you will want to make sure the size and materials marry well with the rest of the grouping,” she says. “However, if the work is to be a centerpiece, even if small, then consider being bold and consider a big mat with a significant frame.” She says the key is to select a frame that enhances the artwork.



Do Some Research

Consider looking through design magazines to find inspiration. “Many framers are craftspeople and it’s important to find a maker that meets your design tastes as well,” Goldfeder says. “Luckily there are often many different pricing tiers to meet your budget. Good framing is a lifetime investment for your artwork so choose wisely.” If you’re not having any luck at local frame shops, she suggests reaching out to the nearest museum to see if they have any recommendations.



GK Framing Tribeca Showroom

How to Care for Your Custom Frames

Goldfeder says the best way to care for your custom frame is to know the materials the frame is made from. “Frames come in many materials ranging from handmade to prefinished,” she says. “Prefinished frames, which are commercially produced and very popular because of their economic pricing, are generally durable.” Handmade materials, on the other hand, should be treated like fine quality furniture. “This would include gilded, wood, metal, and leather frames.”


custom framing
Various Framing Options


When it comes to cleaning your frame, moderation is key. “Always avoid any moisture and cleaning fluids on the frame because it’s most often wood based.” She suggests starting with a feather duster for the frames and microfiber cloth for the glass. “If the glass has fingerprints then use a small amount of Windex non-ammonia, but always spray the cloth not the framing.” This will ensure the longest life to your special memories and works of value.


GK Framing’s History & Process

For almost 30 years, GK Framing Group has been the destination for custom framing and art preservation in New York City and beyond. Goldfeder and her staff of designers have developed countless frame designs for collectors, museums, architects, and interior decorators worldwide. Customer service and quality workmanship is unparalleled in the industry with meticulous care of clients always front and center.


vintage photo of gk tribeca nyc showroom
169 Hudson Street, the former warehouse for the builders of the Brooklyn Bridge
169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday - Sunday
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