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Reflectel spends untold hours reading television reviews.  We bring our clients the most up-to-date information.  Its important to make the best decision for the best television for a Reflectel Mirror TV.  Our incredible framed mirror TVs (and unframed) rely on the innovations of the top tech TV makers. We read reviews monthly so you don’t have to and we are here to answer your questions.


AV Integrators all agree, one of the amazing parts of working with Reflectel is that we work with any technology you want. Many clients are brand loyal and that’s amazing, yet others are unsure what TV to select. There are so many new buzz words: OLED, QLED, 4K, 8Kand so on.  Read on and we  will break it down for you after the amazing reviews from the top testers in the industry! You can rely on Reflectel because we use all of these TV in our process. Most times our recommendation is requested and we share freely.


Consider Father’s Day  and treat dad and the whole family to a Mirror TV with a new 4K or 8K TV. Our favorites are  LGSamsung, and Sony!!  Every room looks better with a Reflectel.

The 7 Best TVs – Spring 2020

Courtesy of RTings


4K Samsung TV OLED B9 series
LG 65″ Class OLED B9 Series 2160p Smart 4K UHD TV with HDR

According to our trusted “inside” resource, Rtings, “The LG B9 is the best TV we’ve tested so far. This amazing OLED TV delivers a spectacular picture quality regardless of the room that you’re in. Its infinite contrast ratio results in perfect blacks when watching in a dark room, and it has excellent reflection handling for watching in bright rooms. It does have excellent gray uniformity, which is great if you tend to watch a lot of sports, and it can upscale lower-resolution content like cable TV with no problems at all”

Samsung Q80

Samsung high definition television 65 inch QLED Q80
Samsung 65″ Class QLED Q80 Series 4K UHD TV Smart LED with HDR


Our reliable testers add an alternative to the LG: “If you’re worried about permanent burn-in and prefer an LED TV, then the Samsung Q80/Q80R is a fantastic choice. Although it can’t produce perfect blacks like the LG B9 OLED, it can get much brighter and it handles reflections a bit better, which is great if you need to put it in a bright room. Although the Samsung has a VA panel, which is known for having excellent contrast ratios and mediocre viewing angles, its native contrast is lower than other VA panels due to its ‘Ultra Wide Angle’ which improves the viewing angles significantly. It also has good-out-of-the-box color accuracy and good built-in speakers, better than most TVs.”

Sony X950G

Song 65 inch X950G 4K television
Sony 65″ Class LED X950G Series 2160p Smart 4K UHD TV with HDR

Our testers look at all aspects when reviewing: “The best TV for color accuracy that we’ve tested so far is the Sony X950G. Out-of-the-box, this TV has the most accurate colors we’ve seen, and you won’t need to pay extra for a full calibration.

Hisense 8F

Hisense H8F television 65 inch
Hisense H8F


Rtings rounds off their recommendation with an economic option: “The best budget TV that we’ve tested so far is the Hisense H9F. It’s an impressive TV for any use. And you can’t go wrong with it for its price. Its contrast ratio is one of the best we’ve seen on a LED TV. But the black uniformity is only decent, and the local dimming feature isn’t very effective at handling bright and fast-moving objects.

In bright rooms, this TV handles reflections really well. It can get bright enough to combat glare, meaning it performs well even with direct sunlight present”

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