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Samsung The Frame Metal Bronze Over Mantel


Do you know the best Samsung TV’s for a Reflectel Mirror TV 2023?


Read on for the best Samsung TV’s 2023. Here at Reflectel we are experts on the best Samsung televisions to be fit inside your Mirror TV (or TV Frame-no mirror). We stay on top of the latest TV releases and read all the reviews.  Therefore we bring our clients the most up-to-date information. Is it any wonder our clients trust us to make educated decisions? You can rely on Reflectel to bring you the highest quality TV Mirror product because we use all of the top model TV in our process.


Your Reflectel TV Mirror is a showstopper in any room therefore choosing the best TV is an important decision. Our incredible Mirror TVs and Framed TVs get better every year based on the innovations of the best technology the industry has to offer! is one of the most informative review sites that the Reflectel team keep current with quarterly. They provide the most in depth reviews and according to their website they tested over 100 Samsung TVs.


The long and short of it for a condensed summation of our finding, per RTings is that Samsung TVs, are very versatile and can provide good-to-excellent picture quality. Stating a well known fact, Samsung is known for its LED models. In 2021 they introduced their new Neo QLED TVs. Considered an improvement, because it introduces Mini LED backlighting, and combined with the quantum dot layer, their high-end TVs provide great picture quality. That is a mouthful.  But we at Reflectel can share that Samsung HQ has provided a number of excellent options for your Reflectel. So whether your Reflectel Orientation of choice is a Square, Landscape, Portrait, Plus, or Contour you can count on Samsung to provide the brightest TV options.


AV Integrators across the country all agree, one of the amazing parts of working with Reflectel is that we work with any technology you want in your home. No longer must a client or technician be subject to third party inferior tv’s. Satisfaction is guaranteed when top quality makers converge their processes.  Samsung is not the only maker, and both LG and Sony also offer quality models, though we have focused a good deal of attention on Samsung because it gets the highest ratings for TV brightness.


65″ Landscape Plus – Specialty Wood – Bird’s Eye Maple, Design by: Kristina LoMonaco


Reflectel and Samsung 

Over the last 10 years since Reflectel got its start, fabricating all of Mirror TV’s for The Baccarat Hotel, we have witnessed an seismic shift in the quality of television brightness. Color accuracy has improved greatly as well. Many of our clients are brand loyal and that’s amazing, yet others are unsure what TV to select. In other words, whether you are an experienced video-audiophile or a novice, Reflectel is the concealment solution that gives you the best of both worlds. At Reflectel we tell our AV Partners that “our job is to make you look good” and kudos to Samsung and their brethren, “your TVs make Reflectel look good!”


Specialty Wood Portrait at the Baccarat Hotel

Best Upper Mid Range

Samsung QN90B QLED

samsung qn90 television model Best TVs for a Mirror TV 2022
Samsung QN90B QLED, Photo by:


CNET another incredible rating service has this to say from writer David Katzmaier about the flagship model in the Samsung lineup. The headline is telling:


This QLED TV From the Future’s So Bright


The language is a bit technical but trust us when we say we agree that the, QN90B’s ability to focus that light output with very little blooming or stray illumination produces excellent punch, contrast and overall fidelity, surpassing the performance of last year’s excellent QN90A. Further, high-end TVs with LCD-based screens can get brighter than any OLED television and come pretty close in other important areas like contrast. Contrast is a key feature to examine when choosing a tv.


Of further interest to Reflectel from this review is that Samsung’s QN90B delivers awesome brightness with hardly any compromises! This top tier brightness makes everything about the QN90B the top choice for Reflectel. The model is in the high end of the line which ensures your satisfaction.


In regard to the pocketbook department, Katzmaier goes on to say, its main improvement over the less expensive QN85B is better local dimming, according to the spec sheet. Samsung does offer a more expensive 4K model, the QN95B, but its main perk over the QN90B is a separate OneConnect box for the inputs that allows you to run a single cable to the TV. Samsung also charges more for its 8K series, but we don’t think it’s worth paying extra for that higher resolution. The flagship 8K QN900B has better local dimming than the QN90B and should deliver a superior picture, but it’s more than twice as expensive.


GC30-B gilded carved frame landscape plus and custom liner
65″ Landscape Plus Mirror TV – Gilded Carved Series


At Reflectel we have used many TVs and specifically we have used the Samsung QN90A and QN90B in many of our Mirror TV jobs this year. Samsung has been a smashing success each time! The depth of the Samsung gets high marks from the production team at Reflectel. TV Mirrors can either be surface mounted or recessed in a well. Read more on our Installation page via our website that also provides helpful guidance on our French Cleats, Clock Outlets, Articulating Arm Mounts, Angled Installations, Floor Installations, COM Millwork (Customer’s Own Material), Before and Afters, Crates, and Deliveries!!!


A more succinct review from by Adam Babcock has to say: The Samsung QN90B is an excellent TV for most uses. What Reflectel loves about the QN90B is,  it’s amazing for watching TV shows or sports in a bright room thanks to its high peak brightness and superb reflection handling. It delivers an impactful HDR experience in a dark room, thanks to its great contrast, impressive local dimming feature, and exceptional peak brightness in HDR.


As if that was not enough good news, here’s more, it’s a better choice for watching shows in bright rooms because it has fantastic reflection handling and easily gets bright enough to fight glare, so visibility isn’t an issue even in the brightest rooms. Many of our clients use their mirror TVs in great room, so it is fantastic news to hear that this anchor model, also comes with Samsung’s ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ technology that provides a good viewing angle. In other words if you have a large room with larger furniture aka wide seating areas the consistency of the image stay intact from the sides.


custom framed tv mirror with bespoke wood frame painted
65″ Landscape Plus Mirror TV – Designer Florenzia Luzzi – Architecture by The Soilue Trust


Rtings goes into further detail noting that they tested the 55″, 65″, 75″ and 85″ sizes and that have found a consistent high mark for these popular range TVs. These are the four most popular sizes for Mirror TVs. Do you know why? Here’s a hint, “home is where the hearth is”. At Reflectel we say that the Hearth + Reflectel are the new center of the home.


Our #1 placement location is over a fireplace. Is it any wonder why? We love TVs, but having a black void over one of the most important features in one of the most important rooms in your home, your living room, great room or family joining space like a game room, or family room just makes no sense. Make the room that pulls family together perfect with a framed TV Mirror over your mantel. Enjoy our Gallery page on our website to see the many creative way our clients and/or their designers have mingled framed Mirror TVs with some of the most glorious mantles we have seen.


We are blown away by the quality of the QN90TV and have used it in so many applications in 2022. We are grateful to both review sites for helping inform our team which allows us to share all this great news with our clients. We have found that the AV Integration community also relies on our group to make the smartest recommendations for the TV choice. The team at Reflectel are learning everyday and always looking forward to innovations, by one of the top makers of an appliance that has become versatile and ubiquitous in so many rooms in a home.


75″ Landscape Plus – Gilded Carved – 19th Century Italian. AV Integration: Old Cove LLC – Architect Suk Designs

Samsung The Frame QLED

Best TVs for a Mirror TV 2022 samsung the frame
Samsung The Frame 2023 QLED, Photo by:

Samsung’s tagline for their revolutionary product, The Frame, is  “Go From TV to art with The Frame” and only the minds and talents at Reflectel can perfect the Samsung product by being able to say your TV can now Go from TV to art To Mirror!!! Now clients and AV Integrators have the perfect solution for the age old interior design trauma of how to hide the black plastic box in their inspired designs. Folks interested in showing artwork, watching show, movies, displaying family photos and everything that is special can have it all with our stately product.


At Reflectel we love integrating the latest Samsung Technology into our product line. However, we must ask this top TV maker to take a step to the side when it comes to the artfulness and artisanship of framing Samsung The Frame.  What could make your virtual fine art photograph or old master painting from the Samsung library look more refined than a quality picture frame designed by Reflectel? 


Samsung The Frame and Reflectel TV Frames


The Samsung The Frame model is also a perfect fit for Reflectel’s TV Frames – no mirror. Certain applications, like an incredibly bright room or a viewer who watches mostly daytime viewing may be better set with a no-mirror solution. As the top framers in the country for decades GK Framing/Reflectel can provide options for any Interior Design scheme.


Our bespoke frames include Gilded Carved frame with period models in Italian, French, Spanish, American Impressionist, American Turn of Century and 19th and 20th century carvings as well as English, and the formidable Dutch style frames of the 17th century. The Gilded Shaped series are a compilation of 19th century to 21st century designs in all widths and profiles.


NYC Barclays Center dining room samsung the frame golden ornate frame
75″ Landscape Framed TV – SC25-S-O – AV by Spectra – Design by Ken Fulk

Your imagination is your only limitation.  The Reflectel frame designers offer scholarship and design savvy! If you do not have a designer you can count on us. Or we can collaborate with your interior decorator. Ken Fulk, one of the foremost design build professionals, singled out Reflectel to enhance the VIP spaces at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. You will find multiple Reflectel’s both Mirror TVs and TV Frames in their grand Salon, Dining Room and Lounge!


The Samsung The Frame is a good overall TV. It’s great for watching TV shows and sports in bright rooms because it gets bright enough to fight glare, has impressive reflection handling, and it upscales lower-resolution content well.


4K samsung the frame with elegant gold frame with carvings in Barclays Center Brooklyn NYC no mirror
65″ Landscape Framed TV – Barclays Center Salon – AV by Spectra – Design by Ken Fulk


Samsung’s Best Mid Range Model



Samsung Q80/Q80B QLED 2023, Photo by:

The better the TV performs, the better the transmission of your Mirror TV. It is no secret that a Mirror in front of you TV changes the entire mood of the interior. Did you know there are studies sharing that if a TV is concealed your stress actually goes down? We at Reflectel love that a Mirror TV adds to your wellness!! We always point out directly to clients, that a Mirror TV is not for everyone and that being a hybrid  product needs to be well understood. We are both a MIRROR and a TV!


Our technicians and designers agree that fitting the best caliber TV for your budget into your Hidden Technology is the best course of action. Per RTings, If you want something with better picture quality without breaking the bank, the Samsung Q80/Q80B QLED is the best mid-range Samsung TV we’ve tested. Stepping up from previous models in this range, this is a good TV overall, with excellent peak brightness in SDR and decent reflection handling, so it performs well in a bright living area. Unlike most mid-range TVs, it also has a wide viewing angle, making it a great choice for a wide seating arrangement, as the image remains consistent even when viewed from the side. At Reflectel we can help you source the right TV for your Mirror TV at a price that is comfortable for you.



Did you say Samsung OLED?

Yes we did – S95B OLED


Samsung S95B OLED 2023, Photo by:

We almost always frame OLEDS by LG so this Samsung OLED was a surprise for our team. Our Production Manager is always looking for the newest TV innovations and we are glad Samsung is on the OLED path. The more choices our homeowners, Designers, and AV Integrator clients have the better for Reflectel. We welcome the great minds at these stellar manufacturers.


Our friends at Rtings come through again with a review in what they call “the best Samsung” they have tested. Now those are some very tall words! The Samsung S95B OLED is the best Samsung TV we’ve tested. It’s in Samsung’s 2022 lineup and the first OLED TV from Samsung in many years. As noted by RTings, it’s a bit different from the very popular LG and Sony OLED TVs, as it uses a blue OLED backlight with a quantum dot filter layer. Further, This allows it to display a much wider range of colors than traditional OLED panels, and colors get brighter overall, resulting in more vibrant, realistic colors. The down side for now per Rtings, which is something to consider is that, while it supports HDR10+, like all Samsung TVs, it doesn’t support Dolby Vision, the most widely-used HDR format with streaming services, so you’re limited to the less popular HDR10+ format.

the best circle contour mirror tv white leather in nyc dining room
50″ Circle Contour – White Leather Design by Diana Mui




In Conclusion


No matter which Samsung TV from the 2023 lineup you choose to grace your exquisite Reflectel Mirror TV or TV Frame-no Mirror you will surely be more satisfied with the results once a statement making picture frame is placed on top of it all. Whether your tastes run from a handsome grand dame Gilded Carved frame to the most streamline metals including steel, bronze and stainless steel frames to the most organic or urbane leather frames the design minds at Reflectel can find the right frame for you. And don’t forget that you can think outside of the box! Your Samsung 2023 whether The Frame, or the ace in the hole, QN90B can be framed as a Landscape, Square or Portrait Orientation.


Last but not least, a Samsung TV can be fit into one of our thrilling contours which include CIRCLES, ELLIPSES, ROUNDED CORNERS and any GEOMETRICS you can dream. The bottom line is our company offers you quality, design integrity and the best secret in the design and AV world.


A quality television + a Reflectel Mirror TV = the hottest design trend and most satisfying visual in your home!


Ultimate Mirror TV Makeover white wood frame after
65″ Landscape Plus w/ Specialty Wood frame AV by Audio Command Systems


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