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Reflectel works with the premier paint company, Benjamin Moore, helping create the most stunning and best Mirror TVs to enhance your interior design. Our Modern Wood Collection,will match ANY glorious paint color this premier maker offers. The best news is there is only a small extra fee for complete customization! Reflectel works with top interior designers in New York City and beyond to offer unique combinations of painted finishes and painted finishes with Metal Liners. Every part of the process involves making a sample that you can take home to be assured that you are on the right track. Often our client compliment their walls with a contrasting colors but just as many use the same paint color to create a subtle appearance.


Join us in celebrating First Light 2102-70 Benjamin Moore’s color of the year.

 “A soft rosy hue, blooming with potential, First Light is the backdrop for a bright new decade.”


Take a look at our Modern Wood frame options here, which can be customized with your Benjamin Moore paint of choice. That means your custom built Reflectel Mirror TV can be almost any color to match your style and taste!

The beauty of a mirror TV is the versatility! You have a gorgeous Mirror than brings more dimension into any room and bounces natural and ambient light around to create a more pleasant experience. Every room benefits from a mirror. This is one of the A,B,C’s of home decor. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Reflectel! Fill in our request info for by clicking the Reflectel link and we will be back to you in 1 – 2 days with an estimate.


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