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Technology is transforming and redefining what a truly luxurious home can be. The smart home revolution has extended into almost every single room of the house, changing the way we interact with these spaces, and what we idealize in our dream homes. Even the bathroom has had a complete technological makeover! Bathroom Mirror TV’s let you discretely integrate technology while adding luxury to one of the most overlooked, yet most often used spaces in your home. Let’s dig into the different ways to integrate a mirror TV into your bathroom, what to consider when picking out your bathroom mirror TV, and why you would want a TV in your bathroom.


Let’s answer the obvious question first: why would you want a bathroom mirror tv? Our clients tell us there are two major reasons to have a hidden bathroom TV.  The first is to get a jump on the news of the day. Whether its weather reports or world wide market analysis- having the news on while you’re showering, shaving, or brushing your teeth prepares you for the day ahead. The second main use of a bathroom TV is almost the complete opposite- relaxation and wellness. You don’t have to be Oprah to enjoy a glass of wine in a bubble bath while binging your latest Netflix obsession! After a long day at the office, or maybe after you’ve put the kids to bed, a bathroom TV enables you to relax in your own private spa and completely unwind. So how do you go about installing a waterproof bathroom TV? Don’t worry Reflectel is here to help. 


Where to put?


The first thing you need to figure out is where you want to be able to see the bathroom TV from.  Part of this depends on the shape and size of your bathroom, and how you plan on using your bathroom mirror TV. Walk around your bathroom and note the sightlines, and blindspots. Building materials matter too. If your shower has glass walls then installing a shower TV might make sense for you if you can see it throughout the rest of the bathroom.  If you’re having trouble selecting a location for your bathroom TV, you might want to consider placing it on an articulating arm. Articulating arms enable you to view your mirror TV from multiple locations, angles, and heights. This is a great fix if you have an irregularly shaped bathroom and want to be able to see the TV from more than one spot. If you need help selecting the right articulating arm, just let us know, and we can help you figure it out. After determining the location of your bathroom mirror TV the next step is integrating it into the rooms aesthetic.

spa bathroom mirror television with black specialty wood frame
Landscape Plus with Specialty Wood Frame


Bathroom vanity mirror TVs


The first potential style of bathroom TV is built directly into the vanity, and there are many ways to do this. We can place the TV’s screen anywhere in a much larger mirror, for a discreet way of concealing the technology.  Whether you want the TV between your sinks, or tucked discreetly in a corner, the placement of the TV is always custom. We build it to fit your lifestyle. If you plan on using your vanity TV while being in the bathtub or shower, we can use a much larger TV screen to make it easier to see from far away. If you want your entire vanity to become a 75” Samsung Mirror TV, we can do that! Vanity TV’s are great for anyone who wants to get a jump start of the day. However, you might find yourself three episodes into a Netflix binge before you head to work if you get hooked.

frameless bathroom mirror tv with news program on
Frameless Mirror TV

The cleanest and most modern way to incorporate a vanity TV into your bathroom is to build it directly into a wall cavity. In order to complete this sleek aesthetic, you can have us design a  frameless mirror tv, which are brand new and have an incredibly minimal profile. Looking for contemporary clean lines and the most discreet inclusion of technology into your bathroom? Then this is definitely the choice for you.

Bathroom spa mirror tv frameless with talk show program on
Frameless Mirror TV

Minimalism not your thing? Want something with more character and flavor? Don’t worry we have thousands of frame options available for your bathroom TV. Of course not all of our frames are ideal for a bathroom setting, but we can definitely find a solution that fits your needs. Whatever your bathroom’s aesthetic we can build you a hidden mirror TV that fits in perfectly. From elegant polished brass, to carved wood TV frames. We have 35 years of frame making experience, and can design whatever you need.


Full length bathroom mirror TVs


The second style of bathroom TVs are built into larger frames and can be placed at the foot of a tub, or stand in for a full length mirror. These are great for a larger bathroom, or for bathtubs, and jacuzzis that have empty walls at the foot. This luxurious addition will elevate your “self care” into a new level of relaxation. Drop your favorite bath bomb into the tub, pour a glass of wine, and soak while enjoying a movie. Not feeling a film that night? Try putting on a relaxing meditation video, you deserve it.  A framed mirror TV will definitely take your bathroom to a new level of luxury and also help you create a perfect oasis of self care and wellness.


Built in bathroom mirror TVs


The third style is building the bathroom mirror TV directly into cabinetry and making it an architectural feature. We work directly with designers, contractors, and architects often to create fully customized built-in Mirror TVs. They choose us because we have the highest quality mirror TV glass, and 35 years of fine art framing experience. If you’re a professional you can visit our professional page and learn more. If you’d like us to work directly with your professional team- have them call us!


Bathroom mirror TVs integrate into all smarthomes


One reason Audio Video professionals love Reflectel’s mirror TV is because it integrates seamlessly into home automation software like Crestron, Control 4 and Savant. On top of that, they can seamlessly tie in with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This means you can stay connected, and effortlessly control your whole home from your bathroom TV. Unsure if you locked the front door, but you’re already in the tub watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho? Just have your smart mirror TV lock the door- no need to get up!  If you’re curious about full home automation, we can recommend you an AV integrator- just ask. We work with AV professionals coast to coast and can help you find the perfect match for your needs.


Depending on how you’re going to use your bathroom mirror TV, we have three different glass options for different applications. Our proprietary glass: Reflectel View leads the industry with TV image transmission. This stunning glass produces the best possible TV image in the mirror TV industry. If you are looking for a brighter reflection, then we have two options available: Reflectel Look and Spa. For most bathroom applications we recommend Spa glass as it has the highest quality reflection. All of these varieties of glass are available in huge sizes, though maximum size does vary. Every mirror TV project is different, and we don’t want to limit your creativity with glass restrictions. If you have unusual dimensions or even contoured shapes in mind- let us know. We will try to find the perfect solution for you.

A complete technological remodel of your bathroom doesn’t end with a bathroom mirror TV. We can integrate soundbars into many of our designs, which means your luxurious home spa can pump out a full beautiful spectrum of sound as well. Want to be encompassed by peaceful new age music on a relaxing night? Or want to blast your favorite pump up jam the morning before a big meeting? Having great sound in your bathroom can be a lot of fun and completely change your day.


A new level of luxury


Bathroom technology used to just mean a heated toilet seat. Now you can have “no touch” sinks that know the exact temperature individual users like. These smart sinks can conserve water use, and even time how long you brush your teeth. What would an at home spa night be without some mood lighting?  Now smart lighting is programmed to change depending on the time of day, your mood, or a “TV time” setting. Did you know there are cooling cabinets for your medicine and warming cabinets for your towels? These technologies are just the start too- don’t get us started on what a $12,000 toilet can do. The smart home revolution is in full swing, and we’re thrilled that Reflectel’s bathroom Mirror TVs are part of this new wave of home luxury.


So you want a full length framed mirror TV mounted on your bathroom wall? Or how about a mirror TV integrated into your vanity? Reflectel knows how to conceal top of the line technology in beautiful handcrafted mirrors. When you’re ready to take your bathroom to the next level- let us know. 


LEARN MORE about how Reflectel can transform your bathroom with a mirror tv! 

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