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Allison Eden Artisanal Frame Series At NY Now Show

We are happy to announce our Allison Eden Reflectel Collaboration! This is the start of our Artisanal Frame Series with Eden as our inaugural artist! This new series complements both our Bespoke and Signature Series. Why have a black plastic television on the wall when you could have a bold and creative Allison Eden mosaic?


Allison has been called an ebullient, vibrant force in the world of glass mosaics. Some say she is the Lady Gaga of the tile world. She brings an energetic mix of inventiveness, innovation, and cheerfulness to the craft of glass mosaics.


Since the sky is the limit with Eden’s colorful style and Reflectel’s top-notch product, the possibilities are endless! This is a partnership made in heaven. We are excited to be bringing in Eden’s eye for shapes and design to our ever growing line of framing options to choose from.


NY NOW 2022

Earlier in the year Reflectel, Eden and our friends at HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces at NY NOW. This was the official we unveiling of the first in our Allison Eden Artisanal Series with a showstopper Mirror TV. This trifecta was made up of three women business owners which resulted in a knock out display.


Allison Eden Reflectel HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplace NY NOW
Sara Check from HearthCabinet™️ Ventless Fireplaces, Elizabeth Goldfeder from Reflectel Mirror TV, and Allison Eden showcasing Eden’s Shattered Pattern Artisanal Series

From Eden herself: “I am absolutely thrilled about how the collaboration with ZUO Modern, Reflectel Mirror TVs, and HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces came together. I have dreamed of putting my designs on everything from furniture and fixtures to clothing and housewares. To find three creative manufacturers to partner with absolutely serendipitous.”


Additionally, Eden wasn’t the only one happy with the result. This is what Reflectel owner, Elizabeth Goldfeder, had to say about the experience: “Collaborating with Allison Eden is like a starburst of energy and optimism. With Allison everything certainly is possible and she brings life to her work in a way I rarely see in a decorative artist. We are honored and inspired to develop the Allison Eden Collection at Reflectel.”


Interested to see what a Eden/Reflectel Mirror TV would look like in your home? We also offer digital Design Services so you can see exactly how it could fit in with your décor. See a variety of examples below:

Because this Allison Eden Reflectel Collaboration is only the beginning for our Artisanal Line of frames, we’re excited to reveal more in the future—watch this space!

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