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Visit our Tribeca Showroom to see our TV Mirror Showroom Favorites. We have many models to chose from including a 75″ LG TV in our Metal Series Frame and two of our newest circle TV Mirrors suitable for any room including a bathroom.


Our framing design team offers the finest in Gilded,  Wood, Metal, Leather,and Signature Series frames all made in the USA by the most talented craftspeople. Conceal your television and turn your 49″, 55″, 65″, 75″ or beyond TV into a magic mirror. What was once a black plastic box on your wall now turns into an interior design element that brightens any room. Mirror-TV production is done on site in our lower Manhattan facility under the watchful eye of our founder and CEO, Elizabeth Goldfeder. 

Reflectel Entry With Gilded Frames And Lacquer Mirror TV

1. Tribeca Ground Floor Showroom

Vestibule At Reflectel With White Lacquer Mirror TV

2. White Lacquer Mirror TV

Nyc Frame Shop Hallway With Antique Gold And Leatherette Frame

3. Antique Frames and Mirror TV

Leatherette With Rusticated Iron Liner Mirror TV

4. Leatherette & Rusted Iron Liner Mirror TV

Signature Series Leatherette & Iron Rope Liner

5. Signature Series Leatherette with Rusticated Iron Liner Mirror TV

Reflectel Showroom Displaying Baccarat Hotel Mirror TV

6. Baccarat Hotel Mirror TV

Reflectel Mirror TV Made Exclusively For The Baccarat Hotel Mirror TV

7. Smoked Oak Frame Detail for The Baccarat Hotel

Antique Gold Tv Mirror Frames

8. Reflectel Showroom Hallway

White Gilded Gold Frame Custom Mirror Tv In Nyc Frame Studio

9. 55" Square Plus Gilded Shaped

Gilded White Gold Frame Corner Detail

10. Gilded Shaped Frame Corner Detail

Benjamin Moore Polo Blue With Steel Liner Mirror TV On Wall

11. Benjamin Moore Polo Blue with Steel Liner Mirror TV

Vestibule With Industrial Steel 75" Mirror TV

12. Industrial Steel 75" Mirror TV - TV off

Metal Raw Bolt 75 Inch Tv Mirror In Reflectel Nyc Showroom

13. 75" Metal with Raw Bolts frame

21st Century Rusticated Steel With Bolts On Mirror TV

14. Rusticated Steel with Bolts on Mirror - Close Up

Supple Leather Mirror Television Frames Circle In Frame Shop

15. Bespoke Leather Circle and Lozenge Mirror TVs - TV off

Contoured Mirror Televisions Floating Leather Frames Surface Mounted Bespoke Frame Buildups

16. Floating Leather Frames

Circle Tv Mirror With Leather Frame Custom Luxury

17. Circle Leather Frame Detail

Tv Mirror Showroom With Antique Gold Frames Over White Fireplace Mantel

18. 65" Mahogany Landscape in Showroom

Frame Shop Showroom With Tv Mirror Over Hearth Cabinet Fireplace Mantel Mahogany Frame

19. 65" Mahogany Landscape

Red Supple Leather Custom Nickel Hardware Details Frame Nyc Showroom

21. 55" Custom Leather Circle Contour

Red Supple Leather Custom Nickel Hardware Details Frame Nyc Showroom

22. 55" Custom Leather Circle Contour frame detail

Reflectel Mirror TV At The AD Show 2019

23. AD Show 2019 Reflectel Mirror TV


Reflectel Mirror TV comes by its talents naturally. Our Founder, Elizabeth Goldfeder started GK Framing 35 years ago on a quiet street in Chelsea’s West 22nd Street. Chelsea was home until 2001. After 19 years in Tribeca, Goldfeder was honored to be considered by The Tribeca Alliance one of the Luminaries of Tribeca:


Walking into GK Framing is like entering into an art gallery, showroom and workshop all in one. And one of the first things you notice is the amazing diversity of beautiful frames and art-work too. It’s one of those unique NYC places where design, and custom manufacturing meet seamlessly. 


So you have run a successful business for over three decades – what is the secret to your success?

Tribeca Alliance interview with GK Reflectel owner, Elizabeth Goldfeder

My secret to success is truly loving what I do. Every day I am renewed knowing I am creating something beautiful or helping preserve someone’s important or sentimental artwork. The challenge is that it is also a lot of hard work. Therefore, you must have a passion for excellence and unflagging commitment to customer service. I revel in the details of our work, and have been fortunate to develop a team that has the same understanding of excellence and takes pride in their work. Our line of work, especially when dealing with irreplaceable art, means a 0% error margin. That requires thinking and caring people at all times. And I am lucky to have that type of team.

169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday - Sunday
By Appointment Only


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