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Reflectel loves to zoom in and show off our custom Mirror TV frames. The artistry of our workmanship is evident from a distance but reveals its true beauty with a closer view. Reflectel has 35 years of experience in custom framing design and fabrication. Our frames are available in popular series including Gilded Shaped and Carved, Metal in Steel, Bronze, and Aluminum, Wood in Modern Hardwoods including Maple, Ash and Oak and more traditional woods, and in Mahogany. Rounding off the bespoke series is our Leather Series with incredible varieties in hides, dyes and stitching patterns.

Gilded Carved Rope Frame Closeup On White Background Mirror TV

1. Gilded Carved rope frame

Checkerboard Gilded Carved Frame Closeup On White Background Mirror TV

2. Gilded Carved GC12-B Frame

Metal Texture Brushed Zirconia Bronze On Wood Panel Wall Mirror TV

3. Metal M3 Frame

Baccarat Hotel Frame Closeup Smoked Oak Mirror TV

4. Baccarat Hotel Mirror TV Frame in Smoked Oak

Welded Steel With Bolts In Reflectel Showroom Magic Mirror

5. Welded Steel with bolts frame in the Reflectel Showroom

Detail Of A Television Mirror Gilded Carved Over Marble Mantel Fireplace

Gilded Carved frame

Magic Mirror With Gilded Carved Detail

7. Gilded Carved frame

Gilded Carved Frame On A Mirror Television Portrait Orientation With Screen Off In Living Room

8. Gilded Carved Portrait Mirror TV

Silver Prefinished Carved Tv Mirror Frame With Custom Side Black Paint

9. Signature Carved SS12-S

Gilded Gold Carved Mirror Tv Frame Detailing

10. Detail of GC34-A

Detail Of A Prefinished Tv Mirror Thin Frame With Custom Liner On Light Grey Wall

11. Corner Closeup of Silver toned Signature Frame

Prefinished Gold Textured Television Magic Mirror Frame Closeup Detailing With Bronze Liner

12. SC20-G and liner details

Frame And Fillet Liner Of Prefinished Mirror Television

13. SS3-S with Fillet Detail

Television Mirror Custom Gold Gilded Round Frame

14. Gilded Shaped Frame - Rounded Corner

Prefinished Framing On Television Mirror On Stone Grey Wall Over Fireplace

15. SS20-S Detailing

Black Brown Mahogany Wood Texture Detailed Shot For Television Mirror

16. Mahogany Frame Closeup - MG4

17.Custom Distressed Wood Finish

White Gilded Gold Minimalist Framed Television In Bedroom

18. White Gold Gilded Shaped - GS2

Gold Red Clay Carved Luxurious Custom Frame Corner

19. Gilded Carved GC40-B Details

Detailed Carved Custom Gold Gilded Frame In London Jewelers Showroom

20. White Gilded Gold Frame in London Jewelers

Black Leather Floater Frame Detail

21. 55" Leather Contour Frame with Gilded Edges

Custom Luxurious Blue Leather Tv White Stitching Bedroom Mirror

22. L28 - Custom Dyed Blue Leather frame with hand stitching

Silver Prefinished Signature Framed Tv Mirror On Blue Wall

23. SS6-S-O Corner Closeup

Frame Closeup Detail Dark Brown Prefinished Metal EM9-O

24. EM9-O Corner Details

Signature Carved Frame Gold Finish On White Wall

25. SC7-G

Silver Contemporary Industrial Framed Television

26. SC20-S Closeup - Electronic Concepts NJ Showroom

Oak Wood Frame Corner Mirror In Living Room

27. Wooden Frame Corner Details

Teak Wood Frame Corner Closeup

28. 55" Mirror TV Wood Corner Closeup

Gilded Shaped Frame Corner In Bedroom

29. GS2 Corner Closeup

Gold Signature Prefinished Frame Corner In Living Room

30. Signature Carved Frame Detailing

Custom White Gilded Gold Frame Corner Tv Turned Off

31. GS2 White Gold

Prefinished Thin Frame For Mirror Television Enlarged Angle

32. Signature Carved Detailing

White Gold Gilded Frame Corner Side Angle Over Mantel

33. GS8 Frame Corner View

Tawny Birdseye Maple Frame Corner With Black Mahogany Liner White Wall

34. Birdseye Maple Detailing

Minimalistic Black Frame Corner Of High End Television Mirror Turned Off Over Marble Mantel

35. SS3-B Frame with Fillet Detail

High End Luxury Best Television Frame On Black Textured Wallpaper Living Room

36. Gilded Carved

Prefinished Wood Frame Cream Over White Mantel Fireplace

37. Signature Wood - SWR12-W-4

Signature Carved Frame SC29 Mirror Television Corner And Custom Buildup

38. SC29

The Best And Most Custom Gilded Carved Mirror Tv Frame

39. GC30-B Details

Gilded Carved Frame Black And Gold Details

40. GC59-B Details

Signature Swirled Gold Signature Frame With Matching Liner Fillet

41. Signature Series - EL5

Square Plus Signature Frame Corner Closeup

42. SC24-G

Rounded Corner Contour For A 65

43. 65" Leather Floater

Square Mirror Tv Over Chrome Mantel In Bedroom White Gold

45. GS23 White Gold

Elegant Details Of Prefinished Mirror Tv Frames Traditional Style

46. SC35-NC

High End Luxurious Best Mirror Tv Frames Copper Leather

47. Light and Dark Copper Custom Leather Frame

Expensive Gilded Detailing On A Mirror Tv Frame Corner Nyc Home

48. Gilded Shaped Frame

Rounded Frame Corner Gilded Edges And Supple Black Bespoke Leather Over Sleek Modern Fireplace Mantel

49. Rounded Corner w/ Gilded and Leather Frame

Mirror Television Corner Closeup With Black Clay

50. Gilded Shaped GS23

Concealed Television Behind Water White Glass In Bedroom

51. Gilded Carved GC58

52. Gilded Shaped GS30

Bronze Vinyl On Custom Bespoke Frame Circle Mirror Tv And Water White Mirror

53. COM Vinyl on Circle Contour

Stacked Frame For One Of A Kind Unique Conceal Television Design

54. Signature Colors w/ Silver Fillet

Corner Detail Of A Bespoke Metal Bronze Brushed Frame

55. M3 - Zirconia Bronze

Closeup Carved Wood Mirror TV By Reflectel

56. Specialty Wood SW21

Gilded Step Frames Best Quality Mirror Tv With Beamsplitter Mirror And Dielectric Glass

57. Gilded Shaped - GS14

65in Television Corner Mirror Tv White Over Marble Mantel

58. Custom Painted Specialty Wood

Gilded Gold Luxury Mirror Tv Detailing

59. Gilded Shaped

60. SM1 Specialty Metal

Custom Lemon Gold Framed Tv Corner

61. Gilded Shaped GS3

The Best Wood Frame For Mirror Tv

62. Birdseye Maple

Light Toned Hand Carved Wood Tv Mirror Frame

63. Specialty Wood SW16

Golden Peacock Feather Frame Design On White Wall

64. Signature Carved Peacock Details

55" Gilded Carved Mirror TV After Makeover Turned Off Corner View

65. Gilded Carved GC17

66. Specialty Wood

Corner Close Up Of A Custom Tv Mirror Carved Gilded Frame

67. Gilded Carved GC1-A

68. Signature Carved SC20-S + Liner

Benjamin Moore Satin Lacquer Decorator White Painted Mirror TV On Beautiful Milled Wood

69. Specialty Wood SW38

Mirror TV 70" Gilded Shaped In Yellow Gold Finish

70. Gilded Shaped - Yellow Gold

How Mirror TVs are Fabricated

Reflectel is the only Mirror TVs maker that has 35 years experience in custom frame making. Our sister company, GK Framing, established in 1986 is the renowned archival framer of fine art and artifacts, known industry wide. Mirror TV Frame Closeups give you an extraordinary look at what distinguishes our TV Mirrors from the rest. We our proud of our legacy and excited about our future. Please linger on the details. Every adage about “details” are true and we invite the most critical eyes. 


Mirror TV frames are made very similarly to fine art frames. With our bespoke series in Gilded, Metal, Leather, and Wood they are made as finished corner objects of art. Our bespoke series frames are made with the same old world craftsmanship the picture framing world has know since the 17th century. Many of the tools are identical from centuries old workshops.  In our Hudson Street Tribeca work room  we have a full wood shop that produces our Signature Series frame with Custom Buildups.

169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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