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Photo Of A Black Framed Reflectel Mirror Tv Showing Family Photos

Reflectel TV Mirror
Your Virtual Family Photo Album

photo of a reflectel mirror tv that displays family photos

TV ON – Virtual Slide Show

Photo Of A Reflectel Mirror Tv With A Window Sil In The Reflection
Photo Of The Corner Of A Gilded Reflectel Mirror Tv

This isn’t just another piece of wall decor, or an ordinary Mirror on the wall – this is the new Centerpiece of the Home – one that can be shared by every family member.

To get you started, Reflectel has created a tutorial for you to create your own family slideshow on your Reflectel Mirror-TV – or just call us, we’re happy to help!

Reflectel Virtual Family Album Tutorial

Step 1

Purchase a USB stick from any electronics store.

photo of usb stick on a table

Step 2

Organize your JPG family photos.

  • scan your photos onto your computer or upload them from a device
  • create a folder on your desktop
  • insert all of the photos into the folder
screenshot of computer screen with family photos on it

Step 3

Insert USB stick into computer, then drag and drop your photos onto the USB.

photo of usb stick plugged into a laptop computer

Step 4

Plug your USB into the back of your Reflectel Mirror-TV.

photo of mirror tv display allowing user to select "usb" as a viewing option

Step 5

Navigate to the menu of your USB stick, and hit play.

photo of a black framed reflectel mirror tv showing family photos
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