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Gif Image Shows Family Sitting In Front Of Black Samsung Tv Which Then Turns Into A Reflectel Mirror Tv

Summer Stock

Turned On Gold Reflectel Mirror Tv Hangs Over Stone Mantle With Dog Below
Turned Off Gold Reflectel Mirror Tv Hangs Over Stone Mantle With Dog Below

Warm Summer night breezes are in the air and lazy hazy days of Summer are soon upon us… 

Reprieve from the heat is more satisfying with a Reflectel Mirror TV.
Our beautiful gilded, wood, metal, and leather frames make the perfect companion to your TV.

When On
your 4K Samsung, LG, or Sony TV plays
Netflix, YouTube, Hulu or your favorite Bluray

When Off 
you have a stunning mirror that adds to the beauty of your home!

Enjoy those summer night with family, friends,
loved ones and catch a flick!

Movie Night in the
Comfort of Your Home!

gif image shows family sitting in front of black samsung tv which then turns into a reflectel mirror tv

Summer nights after a day of fishing, lemonade, sand, and beach —  quality time to  spend with the children before they’re off to Summer Camp or entertain Friends

Enjoy these top family movies picks – a great way to relax, cool off, and smile on a hot summer night!

Our Favorite Picks of
Family Friendly Flicks

Taking place in the wonderful animal populated city of Zootopia, a rabbit and a fox gear up to tackle one of the city’s crime mysteries.

A modern take on the classic story. A young boy is guided through the jungle by a talking bear and panther, learning valuable life lessons.

Dory embarks on a journey with Nemo and his father to find Dory’s parents.

Telling the story of the construction of The Death Star, we follow a group of unsung heroes who plot to steal its plans for the Rebellion.

On a quest to help her people, Moana encounters Maui – together they go on an ocean voyage encountering all types of beings and tales.

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