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Company Background & CEO Bio

Elizabeth Goldfeder started GK Framing Group in New York City in the mid 1980s as a small art gallery and high-end framing studio on Chelsea’s West 22nd Street where she quickly emerged as a leader in the care, preservation and presentation of fine art. Since moving in 2001 to Tribeca’s Roebling Building at 169 Hudson Street, GK Framing has continued to work closely with and nurture relationships with gilders, carvers, wood millers and metal smiths and now AV integrators! 


In 2013 Goldfeder started Reflectel, the Ultimate Mirror TV company as a sister to GK framing. In the last six years, Reflectel has grown exponentially and they can now be seen at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street, in all luxury suites at The Baccarat Hotel, Crestron Electronics in the D+D Building and gracing important residential interiors across the country.  The Tribeca facility on Hudson Street remains the only such framing manufacturing space combined with a showroom in Manhattan.

Product & Services Fact Sheet

Reflectel Mirror-TVs are the world’s most luxurious mirror-tvs; designed and handcrafted in our Tribeca production facility. Functional decor when you want it, and a top of the line television when you need it, Reflectel Mirror-TVs add a practical elegance to any space. Our products are built exclusively to your specifications with superior frames, glass, and technology. 


Frames: Choose from thousands of high end and custom frames in our Tribeca showroom. Every Mirror-TV is hand built by skilled artisans right in our NYC workshops. From hand stitched leather, to real gold leaf, our materials are the finest in the world. 


Glass: Our proprietary glass is the highest quality Mirror TV glass available. At 70% transmission, our Reflectel View Glass offers the best picture quality of any Mirror TV on the market. We can cover screens up to 148” in length and can be cut into any size and shape. 


Technology: We research the latest televisions, and help you select the absolute best. Whether you prefer Samsung, Sony, or LG. We will help find the best TV for your needs.

Recent Press Coverage

Please see our Press Page for more.

“Goldfeder works with many other companies, such as cabinet makers like Christopher Peacock, to merge mirrored TVs with their moldings. She also works with decorators and builders to make the overall design seamless..”

-Forbes Magazine 


“TVs are getting bigger and bigger, and for those who want to entertain in the living room without a piece of black plastic hanging on the wall, Reflectel is the ultimate in form and function. With this hybrid product, people can have a television above their mantel that looks like a beautiful mirror when it’s off and turns into a TV.”

-Westchester Home


“If you’re in the market for an alternative way to incorporate a television as decor in your home or business, give Reflectel a call. They’re motivated to help you beautify and personalize your home by offering a wide array of frame for every style and glass for every room and space you have.”

-House Tipster


“In the Spring of 2018, Bloomingdale’s 59th Street NYC flagship inaugurated the newly renovated ‘Home Floor’ department on 6; ushering in a new wave and level of luxury home retailing. To appeal to high end, modern consumers and savvy interior designers, Bloomingdale’s seized the opportunity and invested in residential concealment technology experts Reflectel, located in lower Manhattan’s Tribeca. Bloomingdale’s is ahead of the curve in retail smart home marketing. At Reflectel, we believe there is more to come with the luxury retail platform space!”

-Connected Design 


“The Reflectel product is all about how concealed technology works in the design scheme—it forges a bridge between design and technology. Reflectel TV Mirrors are designed for specific applications to provide aesthetics and functionality. It’s form and function combined—best of both worlds.”

-Technology Integrator

Case Studies

A selection of images for press are included below, however you can see more of our Case Studies here.

Approved Photos for Press
Best Circle Contour Mirror TV On/off In Living Room Interior
TGA Restaurant Commercial Tv Mirror Metal Frame
Mirror TV OFF With Silver Metal Frame
Mirror TV ON With Gold Gilded Frame Over Marble Fireplace
Wood Reflectel Television Mirror Hangs Over Bathroom Sink Turned Off Spa
Mirror TV Off With High Quality Gold Frame Over Stone Mantle
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