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Signature Series Black Leather Like Frame With A Complimentary Gold Liner

Here at Reflectel we always make sure to stay on top of the latest TV releases so we can bring our clients the most up-to-date information. You can rely on Reflectel because we use all of these TV in our process so here are our Best TVs for a Mirror TV 2022. Its important to make the best decision for a Reflectel Mirror TV. Our incredible Mirror TVs and Framed TVs rely on the innovations of the best technology the industry has to offer! We also like to use for the most in depth reviews.


AV Integrators all agree, one of the amazing parts of working with Reflectel is that we work with any technology you want. Many clients are brand loyal and that’s amazing, yet others are unsure what TV to select.

Samsung QN90B QLED

samsung qn90 television model Best TVs for a Mirror TV 2022
Samsung QN90B QLED

We have used this TV model series in many of our Mirror TV jobs this year and it’s been a success each time! Because of its depth, this particular television allows our Mirror TVs to have the slimmest frame depth as possible.


Here is what has to say: The Samsung QN90B is an excellent TV for most uses. It’s amazing for watching TV shows or sports in a bright room thanks to its high peak brightness and superb reflection handling. It delivers an impactful HDR experience in a dark room, thanks to its great contrast, impressive local dimming feature, and exceptional peak brightness in HDR.

83″ Landscape Plus – Specialty Metal Brushed Bronze

Samsung The Frame QLED

Best TVs for a Mirror TV 2022 samsung the frame
Samsung The Frame 2022 QLED

Samsung’s revolutionary product, The Frame, is the perfect solution for clients interested in showing artwork and definitely one of the Best TVs for a Mirror TV 2022. It has a matte anti-reflective coating instead of a semi-glossy screen, making the screen look more like a canvas and reducing mirror-like reflections. We’ve used this TV model for many jobs, most notably for NYC’s Barclays Center. You can find multiple Reflectels in the Salon, Dining Room and Lounge!


“The Samsung The Frame is a good overall TV. It’s great for watching TV shows and sports in bright rooms because it gets bright enough to fight glare, has impressive reflection handling, and it upscales lower-resolution content well.”


4K samsung the frame with elegant gold frame with carvings in Barclays Center Brooklyn NYC no mirror
65″ Landscape Framed TV – Barclays Center Salon
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