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Frames We Love at Reflectel
Featuring Our Studio Manager, Victoria Battles


At Reflectel we pride ourselves on offering the widest selection of handcrafted frames for your Mirror TV. We know there’s a perfect frame for everyone and everything. So, this month we are launching our new series, Staff Frame Favorites, to introduce you to our incomparable frame collection and wonderful staff. We sat down with Reflectel’s Victoria Battles to discuss her current “frame flame”: a Florine Stettheimer frame, inspired by the unique 20th century artist, poet, set designer herself. Ooh la la!

Q – What inspired you to select this frame?

A – I like how blatantly sculptural it is. It’s always been a secret favorite of mine in our showroom. It reminds me of a ruffled Renaissance collar. The frame has a lot of movement and feels really modern and fun. It’s just so nice when a frame can emit such a flowy sensation. It’s a credit to GK Framing’s master craftsmen and wood work artists, and we’re truly lucky to work with so many superb ones. This definitely isn’t a frame for any and all art pieces, it’s very specific, but that’s what’s great about it. It’s delightfully fashionable and has a slightly tongue-in-cheek classiness that makes it very unique. 

Q –  Tell us a little about how this frame is made, what is it made of? What are some of its unique features?

A –  It’s made from wood and clay. And talent! It’s simultaneously smooth and textural, which I think makes it feel pretty special. It has a hint of Hellenistic sculpture to it, especially in the ivory colored finish. The same way that sculpted Hellenistic marble evokes so much motion — I find that’s remarkably present in this frame design.

“This definitely isn’t a frame for any and all art pieces, it’s very specific, but that’s what’s great about it.”


Q –   How do you imagine the Carved Clay Flounce Pattern frame fitting into your home decor?

A –   I think this would look gorgeous in a dressing room because I so easily associate it with such specific elements of historical fashion and contemporary design. However, it’s such a statement piece that showcasing it in a living room or parlor makes great sense. I would give it it’s own wall, and just let it’s waves make waves in a space.

Q –   Does the frame have any historical significance?

A –  This frame was a favorite of the Guggenheims. The design is based on the frame concepts of Florine Stettheimer, who everyone should take a minute to Google if they’re unfamiliar. She was a fabulously creative woman, whose artistic legacy warrants regular revisiting. Much like the lady that introduced the design, its definitely got a bit of a modern edge and American charm. AS I’ve already alluded, I’m a big fan of the stylistic similarity to renaissance collars or even Civil War era ruffled dresses. I think it lends itself best to very bold and graphic artworks and similar home decor. It can definitely be a singularly fun and focal point in any space. And that’s also why it makes a great Mirror-TV frame as well! 


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