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Only Reflectel Mirror TV shows off the sides of their magic mirrors with Mirror TV Buildups and Closeups! Why? Because at Reflectel we are custom framers first and we are experts in constructing frames. We know all the best ways to make your framed TV look like an Object of art! Pick your favorite TV: SONY, LG, Samsung including Samsung The Frame

Bespoke Buildups: Surface Mounted

custom concealed television side buildup with painted benjamin moore

44. Gilded Shaped w/ Painted Buildup

Tilted Mirror TV over Wood Mantel

49. Specialty Wood SW21

50 Samsung TV in 65" Radius custom White Leather circular contour frame for best transparency mirror tv in luxury nyc dining room

51. 50" Circle Contour - White Leather

65in edge to edge best mirror tv framing

55. Gilded Shaped w/ Gilded Sides

zirconia bronze framed hidden tv with water white glass

48. Metal M3 - Zirconia Bronze

55" Mirror tv with a beautiful custom white frame molding buildup view after makeover

58. Floor Length Install - Specialty Wood

Bespoke Buildups: Recessed

White Gold Intricate Carved Framed Television Mirror Recessed Into Wall Dining Room

5. Gilded Carved GC12-B Recessed into Wall

Brushed Metal Bronze Recessed Television Mirror

4. Metal M3 Recessed into Wall

Recessed Television Mirror London Jewelers Luxurious Gold Carved

6. White Gilded Gold Carved Frame Recessed into Wall

13. SM1 - Specialty Metal

Square Mirror Tv Recessed Into Bedroom Wall Over Mantel

11. GS23 Square

65 Inch Recessed Square Mirror Tv With A Wooden Frame

16. Modern Wood Square

Signature Buildups: Surface Mounted

Surface Mounted Signature Frame Buildups

15. SS3-S Buildup

The Best Mirror Tv Side View With Gold Frame Peacock

21. Signature Carved - Peacock Design

Surface Mounted Signature Frame Buildups Silver Signature Frame Side Detailing In Living Room Over Wooden Dresser Tv Mirror

9. 55" Buildup of Signature SS3-S

Surface Mounted Signature Frame Buildups Side View Of Mirror Tv Dark Metal Tone Em9-o

10. EM9-O Buildup

Surface Mounted Signature Frame Buildups Gilded Gold Prefinished Frame Buildup

8. SC7-G Buildup

Signature Custom Bevel Mirror Tv Buildup Over Fireplace

17. Signature Wood: SWR12-W-4

Signature Buildups: Recessed

Recessed Vertical Television Mirror London Jewelers Prefinished Gold Frame

1. Recessed 55" Vertical TVs with SS8 Frame

Recessed 50 Inch Television Over Ornate Fireplace Best Tv Mirror Glass

2. 50" Square Plus with CO Frame

Signature EL5 Recessed In Niche In Living Room

3. Signature EL5 Recessed in niche

Recessed Mirror Television White Wall Mantel Living Room

4. SC24-G Recessed

Tall Mirror Tv With Black Frame And Gold Liner Over Black Marble Fireplace

6. 50" Portrait

65inch Tv Mirror Recessed Into Living Room Wall

5. 65" Portrait - Signature Carved

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