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Only Reflectel offers Custom Contour Mirror TV options! No longer are your aesthetic ambitions limited to rectangles and squares. Now you can disguise any TV you choose behind any contour you can dream. Whether you want a 43″ or a 65″ TV, we can now conceal it in a circular frame, arch top, or something more geometric. Custom templates welcome. For 75″ and 85″ Contour Mirror TVs please fill out our Request Info form.

Contour Shapes

Round, Lozenge, Geometric

contour mirror tv with leather frame turned off
contour mirror tv with gilded shaped frame turned off
Arch Top
contour mirror tv with specialty wood frame turned off

Contour frames pages coming soon!

circle and lozenge mirror televisions with thin leather frames in frame workshop best contour

Lozenge & Circle Mirror TVs

modern kitchen with mirror tv turning on and off gilded float frame contour

32" Gilded Shaped Lozenge

55″ Ellipse Contour Case Study

The Ellipse contour has quickly become one of our most sought after styles of Mirror TVs. This particular one has a luxurious black leather frame with subtle gilded gold edges. You’d never know there was a TV inside!

contour round mirror television float leather frame in living room

55" Contour - Leather with Gold Edges

leather float framed television mirror 55in in living room

55" Contour - Buildup

55″ Circle Contour Case Study

One of the latest in our Contour line, this Mirror TV comes with a beautiful red leather frame and nickel hardware detailing. The vibrant color of the frame makes a great accent piece to any interior!

55 inch mirror tv circle contour in white interior over bench

55" Circle Contour - Custom Red Leather Frame

circle mirror tv with red leather custom frame on green wall

55" Circle Contour Mirror TV - Red Leather with nickel hardware frame

red leather nickel framed television mirror circle contour on green wall

Frame Corner Closeup of Red Leather Circle Contour

Think Outside The Box

Best Circle Contour Mirror TV on/off in living room interior

No one will have the slightest idea that behind your stunning Contour Mirror TV circular, lozenge, elipse, oval or geometric is a top of the line LG, Sony, or Samsung TV. Your Mirror TV is an ambient mirror when off and programming of your choice when on. You can display art work on your QLED TVs or art videos and slide shows on your OLED. Reflectel is the most versatile decor appliance in the home.


It’s concealment magic. Contact us and get started today!

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