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LG OLED TV – “Learn All About It”

LG OLED TV - "Learn All About It"

comparison graphic showing a gold reflectel mirror tv on and off

It’s important to be educated in your craft
It’s also important to be educated on what you’re purchasing

Reflectel is shining the spotlight on one of its
favorite television makers
The LG OLED Series

LG Spotlight

Lg Oled C7 On White Background
Lg Oled Television On White Background
text showcasing the available sizes for the LG OLED
gold reflectel mirror tv hangs on wall with screen showing northern lights

4K Ultra High Definition technology – 64 times more color than offered in the conventional TV. Engineered to provide the most realistic blacks and highest vivid color contrast on the market.

From brilliant brights to deepest darks, LG OLED TV offers the ultimate expression of high dynamic range. Unlike some other 4K televisions, LG OLED TVs support Dolby Vision™, optimizing the picture scene-by-scene, as well as the new backward-compatible HLG HDR standard so viewers get more options for premium content.

The Blackest Blacks
From the deepest, richest black to dazzling bright white, only LG OLED TVs have truly infinite contrast. Each pixel on an LG OLED can independently brighten, dim and power off completely, for a range of tones and shades without equal.

graphic showing the color spectrum of an LG oled television

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– Optimizes screen settings

– Handles with care

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