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Add a luxurious new level to one of your most used rooms!

Why would you want a bathroom mirror tv? Our clients tell us there are two major reasons to have a hidden bathroom TV.  The first is to get a jump on the news of the day. Whether its weather reports or world wide market analysis- having the news on while you’re showering, shaving, or brushing your teeth prepares you for the day ahead. The second main use of a bathroom TV is almost the complete opposite- relaxation and wellness.


You don’t have to be Oprah to enjoy a glass of wine in a bubble bath while binging your latest Netflix obsession to treat yourself to the Best Bathroom Mirror TV! After a long day at the office, or maybe after you’ve put the kids to bed, a bathroom TV enables you to relax in your own private spa and completely unwind. So how do you go about installing a waterproof bathroom TV? Don’t worry Reflectel is here to help. 

Frameless Bathroom Mirror Tv Over Sink White Tile Wall
Frameless Bathroom Mirror Tv Over Sink White Tile Wall
Powder Room Mirror Television In Bathroom With Gilded Shaped Frame
Mirror TV In Minimalist White Bathroom With A Steel Frame


Framless Vanity

The cleanest and most modern way to incorporate a vanity TV into your bathroom is to build it directly into a wall cavity. In order to complete this sleek aesthetic, you can have us design a  frameless mirror tv, which are newest creation and have an incredibly minimal profile. They can be recessed or surface mounted. Looking for contemporary clean lines and the most discreet inclusion of technology into your bathroom? Then this is definitely the choice for you.

tv mirror gif in bathroom frameless minimal

Framed Vanity

circle television mirror GIF in traditional bathroom double vanity

Whether you want a full length framed mirror TV mounted on your bathroom wall, or a mirror TV integrated into your vanity – Reflectel knows how to conceal top of the line technology in handcrafted mirrors. When you’re ready to take your bathroom to the next level, let us know.

Reflectel circle best Mirror TV above bathroom vanity

Kitchen Mirror TVs

A Reflectel Mirror TV is an amazing addition to any kitchen. We can work with you to design the perfect solution for your space, whether you want it built into your backsplash in a frameless style or with an elegant frame set proudly from your wall.

32" Portrait Plus - Metal

We offer different Orientations and Contours, making every product one-of-a-kind! We also offer virtual Design Services so you can see what a Reflectel will look like in your kitchen. Contact us today to learn more.

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